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Often the Holy Spirit will speak encouragement to me which is also for others…Here are some of those words.

A prophetic flow began as I wrote…

So be not alarmed and be not anxious about it My child for the days of your captivity are ended and the days of your release have come upon you…for the proud and the boastful have met their day and you shall rise and they shall fall–for have I not said that you shall walk with Me on your high places. I delight to do this, I delight to lift up the needy and to carry them upon My shoulder’s for you are even My sons and daughters I love you as My very own Son…so again I say to you–be not afraid!! Trust in Me and what I have said and do not doubt it. The river is wide and looks hard to cross but it is when you put your feet into it that it stops flowing from upstream. So I will lead you and you shall triumph for My faith shall carry you and you will see it. (7th Dec 2021)

Out of darkness light shines

But there are still many more unsaved than their are saved, what of them?
Paul tells us that all creation groans waiting for the revealing or the manifestation of the sons of God.
At this time in His-story, at the end of the current age, darkness will again rise to cover the earth just as it did when Christ hung upon the cross. Deep darkness shall cover the earth but the glory of the Lord shall be upon you.
Again darkness shall bring forth the travail and the birthing of a manchild. The sons of God shall be manifested fully upon the earth and in the heavens. These ones shall take charge and put down the powers of darkness, triumphing over them in Him. A new day, a new era, a new age or eon is upon us…but it shall look like darkness has won. Even as it looked like the devil had triumphed over Jesus so it shall look that way to those who dwell upon the earth.
But our God loves drama…He loves to surprise.
The sons of God shall come forth and be revealed to all creation, setting all creation free into the glorious liberty of Christ.
So do not fear the fire…the darkness of this present age…for our God is with us, He shall keep us and protect us from the evil.
Even as one drives through thick fog, staring intently straight ahead, peering into the gloom in hope of seeing something…so we do in this time. We do not look at the gloom..or the darkness as if it will defeat us….but we look ahead, knowing that just up ahead is the clear daylight. (15/5/2015)

Let the dead in Christ arise!

September 5, 2016 

This morning at 10am WST in Australia(which is +8hrsUST) I went into worship and the prophetic anointing came up in my spirit. The battle cry turned into a song declaring that

The Trumpet sounds!!

The graves open wide!!

and the dead in Christ arise!!

Arise Arise Arise

Hear the voice of the LORD this day and arise.

Arise to rule the earth with Christ by your side

Arise Arise Arise!!

I am telling you that this day something amazing has happened. The call has gone forth in the Spirit for the raising of those chosen ones who died in Christ. I know in my spirit that if I sang into the spirit this day such a declaration, then it is being sung and declared all over the earth by God’s prophetic people.

The time for the sons of God to arise from their resting places is near.

Earth open wide and give up your dead!

For the just shall arise and reign,

bringing justice and righteousness and hope for the poor.

Dry bones will be clothed in flesh

Immortality shall swallow up death

As these sons of God appear all over the earth

Give heed O earth!

Give heed O heavens!

For God has birthed into the earth such as are immortal and like Christ.


Earth open wide

Let the dead in Christ arise

Let the trumpet sound call the leaders up from the ground.

Called to birth the sons of God

For surely a mighty revival is coming when once the sons of God are raised from the grave. They shall be immortal and just like Jesus. Healing in His wings! Justice for the poor. Deliverance for the captives, setting free all those in chains. The sons of God shall shepherd the church, who for the most part shall not be immortal yet. These are the shepherds with a heart like His who will gather the weak and feed His sheep with good food.
The earth shall rejoice when it sees and tastes the sons of God who represent Jesus Himself. It is our privilege to birth them through the womb of our heart into this realm–raised from the grave immortal. We shall see their face and in seeing it we shall see the Lord Jesus.
Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus (5 Sep 2016)

words to comfort

April 21, 2019 God calls us His Deer –

In the shadow of your dreaming I arise inside of you. Like the golden dawn a new day rising like the mist or raging storm. I am with you in all your longings, I am in you as hand in glove. I share your heart and deepest longings, I know the thoughts you focus on. I am the one who shares your laughter, I am the one who shares your pain…I am the one who shares your anger, and rejection which comes gain.

My heart has always been set upon you. Always looking out for you. Even though darkness hides me, even though shadows threaten…when doubts and lies seek to hide me, I was there nonetheless. Never have I ever left you, never have I ever fled….when others left you down and broken I was there lifting up your head.

My child I love your sweet spirit, I love the way you laugh and care. I know all the things you secret, I walk you through all together, I lift you up and carry you on.

When walls of separation threaten, when all do leave you out of fear… I will not abandon….I will not flee my Deer.

Your name is written on my bracelet…your name is engraved upon my thigh… I can never forsake or abandon the one for whom I gladly died.

So look again and you might see Me…when daily you take a bath or shower… I am the one looking right back at you, I am your life your one true heart. I fill you full with myself Deer, I fill you full with all God’s love…I am the one who knows your name Deer the one whose heart is as a flame.

I took you in to be my true love,,,I took you in to meet Papa….I know that in your heart you love me though your head can sometimes complain. Don’t despair or be ungrateful, I am with you all the way… I am  alpha and Omega the Source and Consummation of your refrain. You are with Me in all your troubles, you are with me in all your pains.

Together we as One go forward, believing Father has a plan…that we together are in union…that we together do rise again. I am the alpha and Omega I am the beginning and the end…the One who gave you life and favour the One who completes what has begun.

Your new heart is most precious, your new name I give my Deer.

The Father’s child, His good pleasure, the object of His loving heart….the one He lifts and nourishes forever, the one who fits into His place…His heart is full of those just like you…His heart is knit with careful pain. The wonders of His loving nature, the glory of His gentle hand…the way He leads and guides forever, the way He brings you to His Man.

Oh sing the song they sing forever….sing of Jesus your one true life…Sing His song of joy and favour inside the heart of Father God. Sing…speak and tell yourself deer….sing, make melody with strings….He it is who dwells with you, He it is who fills you Deer.

Your heart is true and good and clear…your heart is pure and righteous and free. Jesus fills you with all His fullness. Jesus calls you by your name Deer, Jesus walks each step you take, Jesus knows your heart inside His, Jesus brings our Father in.

My town

August 27, 2021 

I am going on record and sticking my neck out in God here….I wanna declare something about the town we live in….Here goes…let it flow Lord Jesus! I declare that this town of Manjimup is a city set upon a hill –a light that cannot be hidden–a place of refuge and healing –a place where many shall come and find complete healing and restoration inside of a relationship with Jesus Christ. I declare that Manjimup has long known darkness but the time has COME that light shall break forth as the dawn and healing shall spread through the streets like water over flowing from the Lord’s cup. Sweet waters shall replace the bitter– for many in this town shall see it with their own eyes and taste it with their hungry tongues. For there is a cry that has NOT GONE UNHEARD by the Father –a cry and a longing for connection and for healing and for restoration!! So strong is this cry and the cries of many who have already died and gone onto the other side that it is permanently before the eyes and heart of the Father…and He HAS HEARD…and He shall ACT for the compassion of Jesus is present to heal in this town–in Manjimup….the place of edible roots…a city set on a hill–a place where living waters shall flow and many hearts shall grow…a place where the love of God shall be seen and felt and known—for the Lord God –even Jesus Christ shall visit this town and lift it up out of the gloom that it has sat in for so many years. God is NOT FINISHED with this town…God shall visit this town –and a people shall rejoice and be filled with great joy as they see healing breaking forth and lives changed and the broken things mended. The time is come for Manjimup to blossom and bloom and she shall be a city that blooms like the rose and not a place of gloom and darkness. The bitter roots shall be healed and become sweet–and as that is done so the whole plant shall be renewed and word shall spread far and wide that sweet waters are flowing in Manjimup town…and a song shall be sung that shall melt the hardened ones and those who have no hope shall hope again! For the Father has heard and Father is moved for He knows the thoughts that He has for Manjimup thoughts of peace and not of evil to prosper and to bless and build up what was pulled down.

written on my Facebook profile 10:45pm Friday 27 August 2021

Today may your heart be put at rest

October 26, 2021 

God does make a distinction between those who have come in and those who still have not come into Jesus. The shaking of current events is sifting and separating –people are brought into the valley of decision. There is a sighing coming from the hearts of many who do not know Jesus.

In work places across the nations the threat of losing the job and it’s income hangs like a guillotine over their heads.

Many hearts are bowed down and at this time are seeking the God of heaven for answers.

God says to them -Come to Me and I shall be a river of living water for you–flowing forth from your inner person  to bring you peace and joy in the very midst of the storm.

Trust in Me!! For I am meek and lowly of heart,

Come to Me!!

And you shall FIND REST for your soul.

There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death.

Choose Life this day! Choose Life!!

Jesus is calling His bride to come into union with Him.

He is motioning to the bed chamber – the place of intimacy and rest.

Come to your God and be unveiled before Him.

Give him all your pretending. Give Him all your self righteousness. Give Him all your fears for tomorrow and condemnation of the past….

For this IS A NEW DAY says the Lord!!

A Day that I have made –a day of new beginnings!!

This can become your new beginning if you will only leave behind all your trying and all your fears at the foot of the cross.

Leave it there –for all your efforts amount to nothing.

New Beginning

November 21, 2021

For it is God Who said LET THERE BE LIGHT…and there was light…. He said that into the seeming darkness of the earth. God saw the DARKNESS And He SPOKE into it “LIGHT BE!!” And LIGHT WAS!!

And sister’s and brothers we are created in the image and likeness of God so that we too may face the darkness with the same BOLD FAITH and declare into the DARKNESS —LIGHT BE!!

And we shall have what we say.

For darkness shall cover the earth and DEEP DARKNESS the people BUT HIS GLORY SHALL BE SEEN UPON YOU….

The people that sat in darkness HAVE SEEN A GREAT LIGHT!!

We walk through the valley of the shadow of death–BUT WE ABIDE IN LIGHT for we are LIGHT IN THE LORD JESUS.

So in this time of deep darkness my like-minded friends we who are light bearers may SPEAK AND DECLARE into the face of the darkness….

! ! ! LIGHT BE ! ! ! AND IT SHALL BE!!

For have I not called you for such a time as this?

Have I not hidden you in the quiver of my design and of my making?

That you should say to the heavens BE MADE NEW and to the Earth – FEAR NOT??!!

For out of the darkness light shines forth.

When I send a storm it looks very threatening and real….and the LIGHTNING FLASHES FORTH FROM THE DARKNESS…

And even though one shuts his eyes he still sees the lightning strike lighting up the very atmosphere around about him. The light fills every place and there is no escaping it.

So in these days of  darkness be NOT AFRAID…for the flashes of my light shall light up the whole earth and all the earth shall see the glory of God and the darkness shall be like a forgotten thing.

For I send you forth even as flashes of lightning that shall go here and go there, forking in different directions–shedding light abroad into every place.

And I have put My words in your mouth; I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, And say to Zion, ‘You are My people.’ ”

For a NEW HEAVENS and a NEW EARTH do I create in these days says the LORD who does all these things….a new heavens I declare —and a new earth shall I see…No other plan shall prosper… no other god shall sit as god in the temple of God…I AM the LORD there is no other God but me. I declare a thing and it is established!

You shall see it!

New beginnings

In the beginning darkness covered the earth   —-then God said LIGHT BE!!

Today darkness covers the people and the earth–and we say in unison–LIGHT BE!!!

A Saviour on a Hill

December 30, 2021

An anointing of higher things!! Today is the New Beginning. Today the Matrix is shattered and the prison house is opened!
“The Land is filled with hope and destiny this day.
The land is calling to the heavens
The heavens are answering
Sending rains of fire upon all upturned faces.”
“See this day I have set you over nations to pull down and to raise up….Raise up the desolate cities–raise up the highway of holiness—raise up a people looking like God…raise up a call and a shout of praise for this is the time and this is the hour of my love poured out and my strength made known. I like you Australia–I like you…a people after God’s own heart! Call to me and I shall answer you by fire for it is fire that you need the most this day…and It shall burn to the lowest depths and thoroughly clean out the chaff. For fire has been asked for and fire has been sent. So this day is when it begins–This day is marked on my holy calendar ! Behold A NEW THING SHALL  I DO say the Lord..a thing that shall astound and a thing that shall take many by surprise. For a woman shall encompass a man and great shall be the healing flow as this woman does what she is called and made to do. Behold I give this woman of my heart the keys to the kingdom and she shall open the prison doors and set the captives free…just watch!! Just watch!! Many shall be riveted to their screens as  she does the things I have put in her path to do. Brand new days are here…a thick anointing a heavy garment of golden glory shall come to rest upon my people. “

God shall restore what Babylon has stolen 1

January 15, 2022

“There is coming such a fire of God in the hearts of His called out ones–those who have been sifted and separated out in this hour. They have been set aside and all that was their trust is being taken away from them. So they shall stand trusting in Me alone. No support except the Living God within them, They shall stand in this might of theirs that has no support and bellow forth from the fiery furnace such a word of fire that the nations shall tremble and the people shall awake. For Who is on our side? Who will stand up and come to Jesus today?! Who will declare Jesus is Lord in the midst of the people cowering in fear. Who will rise up for me and declare my word in the midst of fear and unbelief? For I will anoint that one and shall do many mighty things through them.”

“For this land is ripe for the picking and the gleaning of grapes has begun. For the harvest awaits harvesters and the labourers are few. So I am loosing them now–sending them forth in fury and in power. They shall be unstoppable and there shall be great rejoicing in this land for the enemy that held you captive shall be himself held captive and great shall be the victory in this hour in this land.”

“Those proud ones seeking to enslave and keep you enslaved shall find that they themselves are taken captive. For her time has come! That city that ruled over the nations –the time when I shall bring her low and shake out of her all those who were her slaves. I am coming to set things right and to lift up those who are fallen down. I am a just God and what you have done is not pleasing in My sight. I am not going to tolerate such abuse of power any longer for your time to rule is finished and the captive exile hastens that he should not go down into the Pit. I have redeemed him I have restored his fortunes to him I will loose his chains and set Him free so that he may come out to serve me in this day and in this hour. Do not get in the way of what I am doing and do not try to stop it or hinder it for your destruction is at hand. You have said to yourself, in your heart, that “I am unstoppable” but I shall stop you just watch Me do it.”

Fall on your face for the Sword of the LORD is swinging

February 8, 2022

God is not going to tolerate any more High and Lofty things . Those that mouth great things and seek to rule over people are about to have their feet taken out from under them.

The Great & Severe Sword of the Lord has begun to swing throughout the realm of heaven earth. Every high thing shall be brought down! That Great city  shall be thrown DOWN WITH VIOLENCE.


The so called Great Men shall weep as  they see the smoke of her burning. In ONE HOUR her destruction shall come.

I don’t know how this is going to manifest -whether it be through angels or soldiers BUT I KNOW that TODAY FEBRUARY 8TH the SWORD OF THE LORD HAS BEGUN TO SWING.

All things that are high and lifted up boasting and mocking God shall be lopped off at the knees.

Check your heart motives –If you would rule the nations are you submitted to God? – If not you shall have His severe and great sword come slicing through you.

The Lord strong and Mighty!!

The dogs of war have been released.

The Lord whose name is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS has gotten on His Horse and He rides victoriously into Battle.



God shall not be mocked. You have underestimated God and thought He was weak.

God shall deal with you, you  whitewashed wall–you brood of vipers!!

This is the END for all things proud and lifted up.

You were given time to repent but now your judgment has come and you shall not escape.

God has declared WAR ON YOU O ENEMY. It is open season on all your proud lifted heads.

The command to strike with the Sword has been given.

You will not escape.

To My people I say Go into your chamber until the indignation is past —

All over the heavens and earth you shall see the wicked falling.   The time for being nice is over. The time for the Sword of the Lord to slay has come.

This warfare goes straight to the GATES OF BABYLON and inside those gates.

I heard loud and clear the phrase from Revelation…


Let it be done O great and mighty Lord Jesus!!

God’s soon manifested Kingdom is not oppressive

February 13, 2022

The Throne is established in righteousness and when the righteous rule the nations rejoice.

So it shall not be a cause for alarm by you the ones who do not know Me yet. For I am come to bless and not to curse. I am the one who created and shall I not restore.

For the enemy has had his way with you for too long. I shall restore what he has stolen from you and indeed from the nations. I shall see to it that he be made to repay everything with interest for he charged you interest and made you pay an exorbitant price so he shall pay back in full what he has stolen.

Be not afraid of My hand for I shall lead with gentleness the people’s of the world and they shall know me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and not like the ones that have ruled over them for so long-

This is what I have longed for, this is what my Father is sending me for, that He might establish my throne in righteousness and plant my name in the heavens upon the hearts of all people.

So it shall not be right wing politics and conservatism and it shall not be left wing politics and liberalism but it shall be a reign of My heart FOR the nations of the Earth.

It shall seem odd to many at first for a while but you shall get used to it and rejoice as you see justice and truth prevail..for the broken shall be mended and the dirty shall be cleansed–not an outward cleaning up but an inward touch of heaven as they see their own true value and the reason why I created them, for this is my heart for all people.

But I have been rejected and I have been spurned –yet I know that this is because they have had the wrong image modeled before their eyes by those who say they knew me but never knew me at all.

This is the beginning of days for this new thing I do, it shall appear as you see, for my word shall not fail to produce the fruit for which I long to see and to present it to the Father.

Good tasting fruit of thankfulness and gratefulness and mutual respect one for another not the tearing down of each other but the mutual edification and up-building of one to the other…just a gentle word here and a wise word there, hearts open and ready to receive because all the offense has been healed by my love working through these ones I shall release among you says Your lord and king.

hallelujah!!!! Thank you Lord Jesus let it be! Amen

Get ready to ride in His chariot

May 10, 2022 

As I was waiting upon Jesus today at 12:20pm local time here in the west of Australia I heard ….

“The shout of a king is among them for our God is faithful and He remains in the midst of us, His chosen ones, who do not look to the left or to the right.

Our God is with us, and greater is He than all you see before you this day.

I am not a man that I should Lie…did I not promise and swear by own name that I would bless you?

Yes I shall and I have already   so rest in it and be assured, yes be fully convinced that what I have promised I also am able to perform.

No doubt can steal what faith sees. See it this day and claim it.

Be renewed in the spirit of your mind and follow hard after Me, says the Lord and I will show you the favour of the land and good things shall come forth for you and from you.

Say to the rain “fall down!” and to the wind “Blow!” For my rain and My wind shall blow upon this land and you shall be caught up in the midst of it.

Get ready! Hold onto Me for it shall be even like Elijah’s chariot ride coming to take you up in Me and deposit you to another place…

for the things that are about to happen shall happen suddenly and the enemy will not have enough time to react.

Be warned that those who stand against this that I shall do will fire their arrows at you but I shall quench them all…only be strong and very courageous son.

Look not away from what I reveal and show you. Do not be diverted from it for I intend to save and to heal many in this place.

Only believe and you shall see it with your own eyes.

 What is God saying? What is He up to?

I see that a new day is dawning and a great fire is about to fall upon the land!

The old things and old ways shall be no more…but the new thing shall come forth. 

How this shall happen and how this shall manifest I have no idea but I know My Father knows…I know that He has good plans for us and desires to bless us and not to harm us.

SO be encouraged all you who have been straining your ear to hear what He would say to you…

The Lord has NOT FORGOTTEN you nor has He put away your land from before His eyes but the cries from your land come up before His throne daily. God shall not forget you.

His chariots are ready to ride and His angels are steering straight to your door so be ready for the Lord comes like a mighty man to deliver and to set free…

He is about to take up those prepared for this hour that they should carry His presence and His breakthrough anointing to those in outlying regions and places little known…a sound shall be heard coming from the desert and from the wastelands a sound of joy and a release of streams out there where no media bother to go.

Our Father delights to do this to go to the least that the mighty may be brought low in repentance and humility.

Fear not for He is moving in your land Australia, He is moving in your midst New Zealand His voice shall shake the wilderness and the little foxes that spoil the vine shall be afraid and tremble and run away…for my vineyard shall be gleaned and my harvest shall be brought in in both these lands for I am a good God who does what is right and none shall stop Me.

When the tide goes right out it will come surging back in

May 14, 2022

Anyone who experienced the huge Tsunami’s that devastated Japan in 2011 and Thailand in 2004  knows that when the waters recede far out from the beach they are about to return in a very BIG way.

In the last post I heard the Spirit of God saying “Get ready get ready get ready!!” And so again I take up the oracle of God and say in line with Him

GET READY!! For the little that you have now shall soon become an abundance!! The cup is only drained that I may fill it again!

The river runs dry in drought but the flood waters of a distant deluge fill it’s empty banks up to overflowing with rapid speed so that whatever is in it’s path gets washed out to sea.

I am only getting warmed up! I am not at all finished with you church! You may have thought I had forgotten to provide for you but no…I have not forgotten. I know where you live I know all the connections all the many leads and trails that lead to your door. I know who to touch and who to block I know how to provide for you don’t worry your little head about it.

Only get ready for such an overflow as the waters begin to rapidly surge back in from the sea. I have withdrawn the supply only to cause a cry to come forth from the hearts of many that the flood waters of heaven would well up and up and up…until I give the command to LET THEM GO!!!

and here they come down the mountain side into every valley and ravine, gushing forth, lapping at the sides of the hills as they roll forward towards the sea. Filling every low place, covering every dry patch…My river flows and no one shall stop it.

I quench the desire of every living thing I provide the needs of all

I am a good God and I never forget my own.

Secret things revealed – 31st May 2022

Write for the days of steel have ended and the days of Big Business have come to a close. I will tear down and establish my own think-tank and out of this shall come forth the ideas that shall furnish the kingdom. These days that are immediately before you are days of incredible innovation and Lockheed martin shall win a contract to take people into outer space. Because my people pray and lift up their hearts and hands to me I shall honour their cries and answer their prayers. People shall dream dreams and see visions and know the things that have been kept secret since the foundation of the world for I have hidden many mysteries that shall even now begin to be unravelled and un-packaged before all expectant eyes. Things untold. Things not seen by many eyes. Things that shall lift man up into a higher plane and enable him to feel the vibration of heaven. I will talk of these things to some I have picked for this and they shall enable the distribution of these blueprints and ideas. An aha moment as many minds realise that they were close to discovering but still far away from knowing how they could know. I reveal secret things I tell of things not yet seen. I am the Lord and there is no other. I speak and who shall annul it. I develop, I list, I know and I lift up into all completion of these things.”

“Be not afraid of these things for I shall cause it all to be submitted unto man and not the other way around. No one knows what I know. Know one cares like I care. But I share these secrets with a chosen few whom I have prepared to see these things and they shall be caused to walk in faithfulness with these things and to guard them carefully”

“Knock and the door shall be opened to you ,seek and you shall find – for I love to open and I love to show forth these hidden treasures but only to those hand picked by me. Where will you find such things? How will you know if what I reveal is true? I tell you that this day is the beginning of the revealing of the new thing which I shall do and release among you. Look not away from Me and be not staggered in your mind by what you see–for these things shall help and these things shall be.”

“Get ready for big changes in society. I am not afraid of what you shall see. Only trust fully into Me and all shall be arranged and you shall be free. I know what I am doing and I know whom I have placed in position to carry out these things. Fear Not! I go through where others cannot go through. I am spirit. I am unknown. I am the one who calls and no one answers me. Yet in the night season I place in the heart of man dreams and visions and they think they have dreamt it themselves. Yet it was from me. Doubt not these things and do not go off on a tangent with them. Some are called this way and some are called that way. It is not given to all to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God but only to those whom it pleases Me to reveal them to. Understand that I am looking and searching for those whose hearts are pure before Me that will not take these things and try to gain riches and fame through it. There is a way that seems right to a man but it leads always to death.”

This is what I heard.

It does not mean I have an opinion on any of it.