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Psalm 27:4 NKJV — One thing I have desired of the LORD, That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD All the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD, And to inquire in His temple.

We who have received Jesus are His Temple. He lives and moves and has His being in us! We are the fulfilment of David’s Holy Spirit led prayer. God has always wanted to make His home in you individually and in a people who love Him. Together we look upon the face of God whenever we see each other.

It seems like a cliché  to say that ‘The Church is not a building’. Yet many still think that way. Many are holding fast to the old way.

You best get ready because God is going to be doing a New Thing as we enter into the Age of Tabernacles.

The Age of Pentecost has been the main thing since the Upper Room in Jerusalem almost exactly 2000 years ago. Yet as I have written before God is following the pattern of the Feasts He established for Israel beginning with Passover (Pesach) then Pentecost (Shavuot) and finally Tabernacles (Succot). [See Lev 23]

But before this age of Pentecost is over God I believe will send the Latter Rain – the pouring out of His Spirit upon ALL FLESH. Pentecost began with the early or former rains and will end with the Latter rain.

At some point God shall release such a deluge of His anointed Spirit that the Great Harvest shall be reaped sweeping millions? into His family at the end of the Age.

Then begins the Age of Tabernacles for at least 1000 years if not longer when God shall be known among us — This was signified by Israel dwelling in tents in the wilderness and especially at Succot.

The Holy Fire of God shall burn among His people — His shekinah glory seen upon each face. Among the people shall be those who have been raised up at the first resurrection–saints of old….and also many who were alive and remained at that ‘soon coming resurrection’ also shall shine with His glory like the stars in the heavens.

This is the Church. This is His body. Dwelling together in unity–one spirit, one mind, one purpose…

Jesus the Head of the believers shall be present – seen and known.

Jesus is the Life of the church. Without Jesus there is no church. But sadly many reject Jesus without even knowing they are.

Rejecting Jesus

I heard a brother on the FM radio a few days ago briefly. He said something like–

“Let us look together at the Scriptures as we seek to live our lives according to the word of God.

I heard him say that as I drove to work in the early hours. That kind of statement is normal Christian speech. BUT–It is a REJECTION OF JESUS!!!

All those seeking to live their lives according to the word of God are REJECTING JESUS as their LIFE.

Coming to the Bible as a book of instruction for Godly living is not a bad thing of course. But God intends for us to know Word on the inside as Life…not word on the outside as instructions.

There is NO SUCH THING AS “our lives”.

When we say I want to live my life according to God’s word…we are speaking of an imagined thing called “my life.”


The life you ARE NOW …not have now, but ARE now is JESUS CHRIST. Read Gal 2:19-20

Everyone trying to live their life for God is deceived into thinking they have a life or their own. They don’t!

This is the false self.

Always trying to be like God but denying the One who is THE LIFE OF GOD in them.

It is the same rejection of Life that happened in Eden at the beginning.

But don’t worry-God will NOT ALLOW this charade called Christianity to continue.

It is over!!

Got to go to work…more next time.


UPDATE 23rd June 1320hrs western standard time

I just noted that at the same time I wrote the above post at 0340am on 22nd June here in west Oz other prophecies were being given on the same theme at the same time. I am 12 hrs ahead of Florida where the first prophecy comes from…and

The first one was

Yes! The Harvest is Coming!

“Get ready,” says The LORD. “Prepare for the latter rain! For I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh in an unprecedented way.”

“It will rain in the North, the South, the East and the West. The outpouring of My Spirit will sweep across The Nations and the world.

“You will not miss out in your region. I will not forget your labors of love. It is going to rain! The drought will be over! Past failures will soon be forgotten for the fruitfulness that is coming.

“Do you see the little cloud? Stop gazing at it and listen. I want you to hear the sound. Hear the sound! It is the sound of the rushing, mighty wind of My Spirit.

“It is the sound of an abundance of rain. There is no time to look back at what you have lost, for what is about to happen is beyond your greatest hopes and dreams.

“The bountiful harvest is coming and you will rejoice with exceeding, great joy,” says The LORD.


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