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On February 8th the Lord spoke saying He was taking His sword out of it’s sheath to deal with all those things high and lifted up. And before that word, on the 5th of February the Lord said to me “It begins today.” And He told me to contact Riccardo Bosi and tell him that…which I did via email.

I do not know Riccardo. I have seen some of his videos via when they have posted them and seen how he uses foul language at times. None of that bothers me. God raises up peculiar people to deal with peculiar circumstances. He is ex SAS…a trained killer. I do not glorify war or so called war heroes. I worked with 3 ex SAS vets when I was in the WA Fisheries. One of them, Phil Mosel was a forward scout in Vietnam clearing all the booby traps in the jungle. Very dangerous job!! He volunteered to do a second stint back in the jungle and went and did it!! Let’s just say that the guys in the SAS are a different breed of person.

God has spoken through His word to me and I have published what He has shown me. Isaiah 26 through to Isa 27:1 is a key passage which God is highlighting.

Isa 27:1 speaks directly about God’s severe and great sword slaying the snake..He calls it Leviathan.

Listen to what Riccardo says below– I agree and have been saying these things.

Riccardo Bosi speaks – Video dated 13th March 2022

Transcribed by Taberah

“I’ve mentioned this a couple of times so forgive me if you’ve heard this before but it’s important. A lot of people haven’t heard it.

What’s going on in Ukraine?

First of all. It’s a massive distraction they’re trying to distract you away from what’s really going on in everybody’s home country.

Now the Ukraine, this is not what you think it is. Let’s get technical first, The Ukraine is not a sovereign state. It does not have internationally recognised sovereign borders. Its still part of Russia, has been since the tenth century. How about that?

Now a lot’s happened in between, we understand that. But this is like Russia invading Russia. That’s all it is.

Now second point.

The Ukrainian people are very upset, particularly the Ukrainians in Australia, I get it, but guess what you’ve been lied to just like the Australian people have been lied to. We think we’re a sovereign nation, we’re not! The Ukrainians think they are a sovereign nation..they are not!

See, the truth is slowly going to come out about what’s really going on and what’s really going on is this: The Ukraine has been the centre of ahh, of the globalists for decades and decades and decades.

Seventy years at least.

CIA – Which is not a good organisation – they are the implementers of Deep State let’s say, they’ve been working in Ukraine for seventy years building up a resistance to everybody and everything. Why?

Cause they needed to bring the Soviet Union down but they also want the resources that are in the Ukraine. That’s what this is all about!

Particularly Eastern Ukraine, massive natural resources that the CIA goes in gets control of and American business interests – and they’re not businesses they’re just robber barrons – They’re not legitimate businessmen they just want to steal and that’s what goes on.

And so they’re taking that(resources) away from Russia and the Ukraine.

And on top of that it’s the centre of the Deep State.

(1’38”)And so by Vlad Putin going in he’s cutting the head off the snake.

Once Ukraine goes down, because they’ve already taken out the capital of ah..Kazakhstan—and if you want to have a look at what’s weird, go look at the architecture in Kazakhstan and tell me this is normal architectural buildings of a struggling nation?

(Start 1’58”)- But Ukraine? That’s the head of the snake and Vlad’s (is) taking the head off, once the head comes off the whole Beast will die. (End 2’05”)

So that’s what’s actually going on folks, so please…They are going to tell you stories about ‘possible nuclear war’ and ‘Vlad’s a bad man…’ This is the war with Russia that they(Deep State) wanted with Hillary Clinton as President. Because she lost(the election) the whole war with Russia was postponed. This is the plan they always had….to destroy Russia..because they don’t have a banking system which is under the know..what a dangerous (laughter) course of action that is! And they want to get a hold of the resources. This is them taking it..anyway…So Vlad’s taking down the Deep State, he’s helping, he’s cutting the head off the snake. So that’s what’s going on.

So ignore all the ah.. chatter you’re going to hear over the next little while about ‘potential nuclear war’ and ‘Russia’s attempt to take over the globe’. Completely the opposite!

That’s the Ukraine, so pay attention but please do your own research, don’t umm for goodness sake, don’t watch mainstream media because if their lips are moving, just like the politicians , if the media’s lips are moving they’re lying.

Riccardo Bosi

Leader Australia One party


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