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Well the Russians are demolishing anything Ukraine had in the way of resistance today.   The 24th Feb or 2/24/22 which is seen as an occult signature date of 26/22 -The usual 13 and 11 signature. So this is yet another part of the plan by the overlords. But it is fun watching the neo-nazi’s supported by the American puppet regime of the Zionists be bombed into oblivion.

The gates sure are open there in Ukraine and the walls are breached…God’s mighty army has come through the gates and great is His victory.

Let’s see if they do the same thing to the rest of Europe — I hope they do! Get rid of Macron and Angela Hitler and other Merovingian wannabees.

As I wrote recently God has “loosed the dogs of war.”

I expect to see the Chinese off our coast soon….similar to what the Japanese did when all attention was upon the German army.

It would be also good if Putin is serious to seek and destroy the Rothschild’s hideouts in the underground caverns of Switzerland.

Putin and his army are the Sword of the Lord swinging east and west which I prophesied

May God direct his next steps and loose the angels of God to help him.

Of course this will see the need for a strong leader to return to the Occult White House — and for Charles Windsor to arise to his destiny as King.

All while we the little people watch it on television.

Should be an interesting time.

A lot of people are awake to what is really going on here with Russia though…


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