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Hal Turner is reporting on the latest in Ukraine. After posting numerous videos coming out of Ukraine in which one can hear shells(but not see anything) being fired and going overhead Hal makes this educated but startling comment.

“…..All those Russian Army troops that everyone  ‘thought’  were for(fighting) Ukraine, apparently were not.   It now appears to me they were for a direct confrontation with NATO itself, to rid eastern and central Europe of US forces.   I predict Russia will take Lithuania in a blitz invasion, then tell the other Baltic states of Estonia and Latvia  something like “Either you agree right now to ejecting US and NATO forces or YOU get what Lithuania just got.” I think Russia will then go to Poland and tell them the same thing.  Next would be Romania and perhaps Bulgaria..  Just my prediction.

As he said it is just his prediction.

There is nothing on mainstream news as I write Feb 18th 21:00 WST.


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