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“And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” Daniel 8:24-25.

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:28.

“This is the beginning of the end. The former regime will take over at the given time.

And then slowly, and yet not as slow as some might think, your entire democracy will fall to shambles. That will be the time of the beast take over of your land.

Many of you have been utterly deceived. But when that times comes, you will indeed know who that one is.

For he stands up for himself and no one else. His entire life has been about himself and no one else. For his fervor and erratic behavior will cause utter destruction.

Woe to those who would follow after him.

Woe to those who have aligned themselves with him.

Woe to a land that has been divided right down the middle.

Woe to a democracy that will end on that day.

No more will be heard about the days of old, for they will be forgotten on that day.

No more will be seen the remnants of your former flag and democracy. For there will be a take over of the entire land.

The world will not be the same on that day. And The Book of Daniel will be seen as the final chapters take precedence.

But I still have a remnant. I will still have My Own who will not give into the beast. They will be gathered together in Me. They will find themselves protected under my wings and living in the waste places and deserts.

This time is soon to transpire. For my time is not the same as yours, and yet these days will be shortened. For you have heard of wars and rumors of wars.

You see the upheavals of the earth all around you. But one season enters into another; and what was will no longer be seen. Keep watch over your souls.”


For the record…

Every prophet hears through their own filter of preconceived ideas and knowledge. Every one has bias within their minds that effects them more than they realise.  For the record I wrote several pieces over the last 5 or 6 years  about the WHITE HATS and the BLACK HATS. I wrote from the angle that BOTH SIDES are controlled by the same octopus pictured with Mr Trump above. This is called the Hegelian dialectic –it is the Freemason tactic of order out of chaos. Both sides appear to be polar opposites but are really on the same team secretly.

As you might have seen I notice occult signatures used by the elite to broadcast their involvement in events that are in the media. See events and covid timeline.

Since 2001 I have seen that with every Administration in the White House –Republican or Democrat – it makes no difference – both sides have committed FALSE FLAG EVENTS with the same old occult signatures including Trump’s administration. Now that does not say anything about the Presidents personally, only about those running the show behind the scenes.

Everything is scripted no matter who is in power. And the Script is given them by the Rothschild handlers.

If someone was to go against that script that someone would end up like JFK…Killed on 22/11/1963–occult signature date– 22+11=33 highest masonic degree.

I have heard that Trump has been given a new heart…some say he is a believer now…etc etc.

It does not matter if he is or not.

What does matter?

Does Democracy matter? No it does not matter folks. You may be comfortable with it but it is NOT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

So when notable prophet Hanson above says – “your entire democracy will fall to shambles. That will be the time of the beast take over of your land.”


I am not despising His prophecy. God will do what He will do. But how we interpret things is what I am pointing out.

The Beast with it’s Banking elite have ruled America since the Rothschild’s sent their agents here to set up the Federal Reserve Banking system along with the Federal Reserve Act. America is OWNED by the BANKS OF THE CITY OF LONDON–ie -the Rothschilds.

So no use getting all sentimental about singing your freedom anthem…Every time you sing that anthem the Devil has a big chuckle to himself and digs Rothschild in the ribs.


And D.J. Trump is just another pawn of Lord Rothschild. As is Michael Flynn. As was Prescott Bush, G.H.W. Bush, G.W Bush all these Republican men were Skull and Bones members. Prescott Bush even supported the Nazis!! So dream on if you think that America is free but when Trump gets back into power then the Beast will take over. What a joke!!

 ” your entire democracy will fall to shambles.” — AMEN!!

That is a GOOD AND NECESSARY THING!! It needs to.

Jesus is a King. You do not vote him in or vote him out.  There is NO DEMOCRACY IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

You are either for the king or against him. If you are against the king then look out!!

“Many of you have been utterly deceived”

He means deceived about who Trump is. As I said– Trump would not even be alive if he was not a puppet for the enemy.

Yes we are all deceived about many things –all of us. No one can claim to know it all or how the mystery will unfold. You can say “thus says the Lord” all you like brethren–but you would know that all prophetic words come out of a mixture. The soul with it’s head  knowledge and bias and the spirit anointed by God but also can be tainted by hurts and bitterness.

So that is why we are to test prophecy. We hear correctly but our interpretation may be off.

“His entire life has been about himself and no one else. For his fervor and erratic behavior will cause utter destruction..”

He is speaking of the “previous regime” as he called it…Oh sorry it was the Holy Spirit who said it right?

Calling the previous Government a “regime” shows straight away that the prophet has been feeding on left wing propaganda attacking Trump somewhere in the past as “regime” was a word they started to use to demonize Trump to the Public. The term regime is normally used for some ‘wild despot’ in Syria for instance….I say that sarcastically…because President Bashar Assad in Syria has more authenticity than any Western leader in the last 100 years unless you believe the Zionist controlled media.

Do not forget  who owns the Media! They own it all. Buzz words like terrorist, regime, far right extremists, jihad and all sorts of emotive triggering words are deliberately let loose upon the public mind by those same owners.

Judging Trump’s character as a person in that word above saying “His entire life has been about himself and no one else.” Come on really?!! And is he alone in that? Name any millionaire or billionaire who is any different. That is not the Spirit of God speaking but only the prophet. Then he says “For his fervor and erratic behavior will cause utter destruction” . Yes perhaps, – like a wrecking ball tearing down the old system making way for the new world order.  He is like Jehu.

Doesn’t God speak about a New Heavens and a new earth? That means there has to come an end to this old system that the Beast has ruled over from Daniel’s time until now. Only now their time has finished but they won’t let go of the dominion.

The kind of person that can be used as a wrecking balllike a Jehu is DJ Trump with all of his impulsiveness.

“No more will be seen the remnants of your former flag and democracy. For there will be a take over of the entire land.”

Democracy and the flag — yes those two things go together in all Beast democracies. I was in New York city in June 2002 not long after 911. It was Puerto Rico day and flags were flying everywhere. I could not believe the patriotism! There were American flags everywhere too for our whole week there on Manhattan.

Nationalism and Democracy is used to stir up passion for the flag and “our way of life” so young men and now women can go and murder and maim innocents in Iraq (100,000 civilians) in the name of democracy. Democracy MUST GO.

But more importantly God must REIGN AS KING IN EACH HEART. We do not worship Presidents. We do not look to politicians for answers they have none. We look to the Lord Jesus Christ right?

You think that because Democracy has been your way for a long time that it is God’s way.

It is not in the Bible.

A king ruling a kingdom is what we see.

You think that will be only in heaven…but it will be here on earth too.

Before He comes the way must be made smooth for Him. The obstacles must be leveled out. So there is going to be A LOT OF UPHEAVAL.

Don’t worry about who is in the White House – any Donkey will do.

God shall have his way in the nations and all nations shall worship Him.

The time of the Banking families is OVER.

The Beast is finished…not just beginning.

Ahh, but you see, that is a matter of bias according to your end time doctrines.

Our Doctrines will not stop God doing what He does best…

That is removing kings and raising up kings.

In Daniel’s day–The watchers said to cut the arrogant proud Nebuchadnezzer down like a tree–BUT!! LEAVE THE STUMP IN THE GROUND and put a bronze band around it.

Then after 7 years of wilderness and being out of power Nebuchadnezzer came to his senses and knew he had been humbled by Almighty God.

He came back a different leader and glorified the God of Israel.

The tree grew again–and great shade it provided for the nations of the earth.

America has a prophetic destiny in the Kingdom of God which is being established in the earth before our very eyes–if we have eyes to see it.

As you see your precious democracy destroyed DO NOT FEAR! God is doing a new thing!!

I preached the other day out of a similar burden as this–  “In God we trust”





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