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Desperate dictators are dangerous. The west funded the Ukrainian opposition parties of Nazi origin that ousted the pro Russian Government of Ukraine. Then proceeded to send more and more missiles and arms to this Nazi Ukraine provoking Russia on the other side of the border.

Russia naturally must respond to this chess move or lose it’s king.

So the Russians move troops to their own border with Ukraine as a deterrent and a defensive move so as not to lose their king.

The west including the UK, USA and Australia all chime in together as they always do that Russia is the villain that wants to invade Ukraine. But the west has effectively “invaded” Ukraine already for this purpose to provoke Russia and paint them as the villain.

If Russia stays patient then the west with their(our)history of supporting, planning, arming and carrying out false flag atrocities and wars may perform some kind of self harming false flag on their own territory to blame Russia. Been done before.

I expect that if Ukraine is bombed from war planes that they will be the west’s planes painted to look like Russian planes. The west know they cannot win a war against Russia which has superior weaponry and soldiers. They don’t care about winning only about killing more people.

Below: US jet painted to look like Russian jets in Syrian conflict 2016.

We pray in Jesus name that God’s angels are loosed to stop these things, expose them and bring peace.

The west is the aggressor. Ask yourself who OWNS the WESTERN NATIONS United Kingdom, Australia and United States of America?

The Banks do.

Who owns the banks? The same people own all the media as well.

Then you have the answer to who the desperate one’s are trying hard to provoke Russia into starting WWIII.


These are the Rothschild’s and other kingpin families and the Freemasons. Mutual destruction seems to be what they have agreed upon while China is left unopposed in the aftermath.

May God’s kingdom come and His will be be done on Earth as it is in heaven!!

With all the prophetic encouragement we have had over the last months we watch to see how Jesus wins this chess game.


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