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Dec 17th 2021

So be not alarmed and be not anxious about it My child for the days of your captivity are ended and the days of your release have come upon you…for the proud and the boastful have met their day and you shall rise and they shall fall–for have I not said that you shall walk with Me on your high places. I delight to do this, I delight to lift up the needy and to carry them upon My shoulder’s for you are even My sons and daughters I love you as My very own Son…so again I say to you–be not afraid!! Trust in Me and what I have said and do not doubt it. The river is wide and looks hard to cross but it is when you put your feet into it that it stops flowing from upstream. So I will lead you and you shall triumph for My faith shall carry you and you will see it.

Dec 30 2021 Prophetic flow

“O how there is such a prophetic anointing today -Thursday 30th December 2021!! An anointing of higher things!! Today is the New Beginning. Today the Matrix is shattered and the prison house is opened!
“The Land is filled with hope and destiny this day.
The land is calling to the heavens
The heavens are answering
Sending rains of fire upon all upturned faces.”

“See this day I have set you over nations to pull down and to raise up….Raise up the desolate cities–raise up the highway of holiness—raise up a people looking like God…raise up a call and a shout of praise for this is the time and this is the hour of my love poured out and my strength made known. I like you Australia–I like you…a people after God’s own heart! Call to me and I shall answer you by fire for it is fire that you need the most this day…and It shall burn to the lowest depths and thoroughly clean out the chaff. For fire has been asked for and fire has been sent. So this day is when it begins–This day is marked on my holy calendar ! Behold A NEW THING SHALL  I DO say the Lord..a thing that shall astound and a thing that shall take many by surprise. For a woman shall encompass a man and great shall be the healing flow as this woman does what she is called and made to do. Behold I give this woman of my heart the keys to the kingdom and she shall open the prison doors and set the captives free…just watch!! Just watch!! Many shall be riveted to their screens as  she does the things I have put in her path to do. Brand new days are here…a thick anointing a heavy garment of golden glory shall come to rest upon my people.”

January 15th 2022

“There is coming such a fire of God in the hearts of His called out ones–those who have been sifted and separated out in this hour. They have been set aside and all that was their trust is being taken away from them. So they shall stand trusting in Me alone. No support except the Living God within them, They shall stand in this might of theirs that has no support and bellow forth from the fiery furnace such a word of fire that the nations shall tremble and the people shall awake. For Who is on our side? Who will stand up and come to Jesus today?! Who will declare Jesus is Lord in the midst of the people cowering in fear. Who will rise up for me and declare my word in the midst of fear and unbelief? For I will anoint that one and shall do many mighty things through them.”

“For this land is ripe for the picking and the gleaning of grapes has begun. For the harvest awaits harvesters and the labourers are few. So I am loosing them now–sending them forth in fury and in power. They shall be unstoppable and there shall be great rejoicing in this land for the enemy that held you captive shall be himself held captive and great shall be the victory in this hour in this land.”

“Those proud ones seeking to enslave and keep you enslaved shall find that they themselves are taken captive. For her time has come! That city that ruled over the nations –the time when I shall bring her low and shake out of her all those who were her slaves. I am coming to set things right and to lift up those who are fallen down. I am a just God and what you have done is not pleasing in My sight. I am not going to tolerate such abuse of power any longer for your time to rule is finished and the captive exile hastens that he should not go down into the Pit. I have redeemed him I have restored his fortunes to him I will loose his chains and set Him free so that he may come out to serve me in this day and in this hour. Do not get in the way of what I am doing and do not try to stop it or hinder it for your destruction is at hand. You have said to yourself, in your heart, that “I am unstoppable” but I shall stop you just watch Me do it.”


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