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After yesterday’s prayer and declaration about the Sword of the Lord I was led to search for the sword of the Lord. That brought up Ezekiel 21 and 1 Chronicles 21.

Now the amazing thing is these references to 21 are connected to another similar experience I had 12 months ago.

On the 21st February 2021 I went away to seek the Lord about the terrible things that were happening in the world. I found a 3 page article by Robert Kennedy Jnr in my car that had been hidden for 5 months. It was on the Gates Foundation’s various vaccine initiatives around the 3rd world that had caused much death and disablement all recorded and quantified. After reading that I prayed for Bill Gates  that God would grant him eyes to see what he is doing with these vaccines. And as I persevered in prayer with the Spirit’s help the declaration came that God would do the same thing FOR Bill as He had done FOR Nebuchadnezzer.

God raised up Nebuchadnezzer and gave him the authority over all the world –but because Nebuchadnezzer took the glory to himself it was decreed that he would wander in the wilderness for 7 years until he learned that God gives the Kingdom to whomever He wills and raises up kings and removes kings! (Dan 2:21)

It was the 21st February ‘21 when I prayed this. I wrote….

Aint that funny that on 2/21, I read Dan 2:21? (On Feb 22 my nation was to start vaccinating people with the Pfizer/BioNtech mRNA jab)
And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise And knowledge to those who have understanding.

So now almost a year later on February 8th ’22 I have another day when I am wrestling with the same issues and out comes a prophetic declaration from the Holy Spirit about The Sword of the Lord being taken from it’s sheath. This is found in Ezekiel 21 and 1 Chronicles 21!

And just as last year on 2/21 I read Daniel 2/21 which speaks of how God  “removes kings and raises up kings” so Ezekiel 21 is about the same thing.

It very clear(to me) from Ez 21:25-27 in both the Greek Old Testament and the Hebrew Scriptures that God is saying and doing the same thing.

The profane prince of Israel abased the one who was exalted and exalted the one who was low. This of course speaks of Trump being the exalted one riding a wave of popularity and Biden who nobody thought would win.  I am not for either party. I am not an American citizen. But God is doing something here….and so is the Devil.

Ez 21: 25 ‘Now to you, O profane, wicked prince of Israel, whose day has come,

whose iniquity shall end, 26 thus says the Lord God:

“Remove the turban, and take off the crown;
Nothing shall remain the same.
Exalt the humble, and humble the exalted.
27 Overthrown, overthrown,
I will make it overthrown!
It shall be no longer,
Until He comes whose right it is,
And I will give it to Him.” ’ nkjv

The Hebrew based version above shows that the profane wicked prince is told by God to remove his turban and crown. That nothing shall remain the same.

God says (in this version) “Exalt the humble and humble the exalted.” God is telling the profane prince that he must exalt the humble which would be Trump the ONE WHO GOD HUMBLED. Just like Nebuchadnezzer was humbled for his pride perhaps Trump was ousted –rightfully or wrongfully – because of pride. Now God tells the profane prince to humble the exalted back to his position before he was humbled.

On the other hand one could easily argue that this passage supports Biden being President, as Trump(proud) was humbled and Biden(humble)was exalted.

God then says Overthrown, overthrown, I will make it overthrown in the New King James but it is translated Overturn in the King James. God will overturn the positions of the humble and exalted. The one wearing the crown must take it off and give it to the one who was abased…which would be Trump.

“It shall be no longer, until He comes whose right it is, and I will give it to Him.” — I read that as Trump shall be the last President before handing America over to King Jesus and His overcomers. The presidency is only an interim Government before the Saints of God–the overcomers –rule and reign with Jesus.

Again on the other hand you could argue that the humble Biden has been exalted by God over the proud Trump and that Biden shall be the last President “before He comes whose right it is.”  The nkjv capitalises the He in verse 27…as if it is Jesus who is coming to take the crown of the King Israel. Yes probably right. But here I believe God is speaking about our issue at this time. If so then it does not have to be capitalised–there are no capital letters in Hebrew. So it could be speaking of the one who was OVERTURNED IN THE ELECTION coming to get his crown from the wicked profane prince!!

In fact the Brenton’s Greek septuagint says….

“And thou profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day,

even an end is come, in a season of iniquity, thus sayeth the LORD,

Thou hast taken off the mitre and put on the crown

it shall not have such another after it:

thou hast abased that which was high , and exalted that which was low.

Injustice, injustice, injustice, will I make it: woe to it:

such shall it be until he comes to whom it belongs; and I will deliver it to him, (Brenton’s Septuagint)

There is more evidence that this is speaking about the situation today when in Hebrew it says in vs 27  – “whose right it is”


From H8199; properly a verdict(favorable or unfavorable) pronounced judicially, especially a sentence or formal decree (human or (particularly) divine law, individual or collectively),
Total KJV occurrences: 421

Okay for sure it is Jesus Christ right to rule by divine law. But until He comes interim governments rule under His authority… and then the overcomers rule in His name. (Luke 19:17)

Trump was the winner of the 2020 election but it was overturned and he was humbled. But now the decree has gone forth to the one that was exalted to the place of president to hand over the crown.  The verdict has been reached. God will deliver the crown to him. That may mean that one has to be patient and watch God do this instead of forcing oneself into the kingship just as David had to wait for God to remove Saul.

Because the two experiences I had are both similar and connected by the 21 numbers in each experience I know God is speaking.

on 21/02/21 he spoke about Dan 2:21 removing and raising kings….now speaking about the same thing in Ezekiel 21. Too weird!! But that is how my Father speaks to me.

The Sword will swing left and right through each party to ‘cut off’ corrupt profane politicians who were in on the overthrow.  (Ez 21:3,4;16)

The Word of the Lord was directed at and against the PROFANE, wicked prince of Israel

25 ‘Now to you, O profane, wicked prince of Israel, whose day has come, whose iniquity shall end, 26 thus says the Lord God:

“Remove the turban, and take off the crown;
Nothing shall remain the same.
Exalt the humble, and humble the exalted.

It interests me that the Hebrew word translated profane 94 times is חָלָל  châlâl.

and means: pierced (especially to death); figuratively polluted:kill, profane, slain (man), X slew, (deadly) wounded.

It would seem to me that the leader in this chapter who has to take off his crown and give it back to the one it belongs to is wounded or dead and slain already!


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