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In a time of prophetic prayer this morning over the people of God across the earth the Lord was allowing me to see our focus and His focus.

Behind every cloudy day the blue sky is constant.

You may see the clouds outside and comment “But look at the dark clouds!!”

It is as if the Lord says back–

‘What clouds? It is a blue sky day to Me–always is and always will be.’

Clouds may come and then they go–the blue sky was ALWAYS THERE behind the clouds–untouched by them…obscured only to those who look at the clouds.

If all we ever see are the clouds and do not realise that behind the thin veneer of darkness is our EVER CONSTANT LORD we will be blown about constantly.

Above us and all around us ARE BLUE SKIES.

Jesus slept in the midst of the storm.

We can do the same.

So I was prophesying over the body of Jesus this morning a new lifting of the head…a new declaration and FOCUS.

Speak what is always present and never changes.

The clouds will melt away and retreat into nothing as the heat of the SON OF GOD destroys it with the brightness of His appearing.

After I posted this a sister who reads my blog sent me quote from a book she was just reading at the same time I posted this.

Her name is Willie…As I wrote this post the song by another Willie came to mind so I put it in the post. This is how the Lord does things with me.

Willie was encouraged that the quote in her book lined up with my post.

Here is what she wrote:

Hi – I’m reading “Back of The Yard: A Great Depression Family Saga” by Meg Lelvis and wanted to share this quote with you.

“But the part that changed my life was Dorothy singing “Over the Rainbow” because that’s exactly where I wanted to go. I longed to fly with the bluebirds to a place where dreams come true and you have no troubles. I painted a picture in my mind of a lovely rainbow above a green meadow, and there I am smiling at a bluebird perched on my hand.  

Start reading this book for free:

I am reading this bit right now   Amazing a  confirmation.  

Willie Nelson sings Bluebirds singing their song…


We have blue birds   daily in our backyard …and a dream God put in our hearts in 1996 when we met and got married was to have a HOUSE OF PRAYER for all nations. That dream has not come to fruition –yet.

Her quoted text confirms that the very house we live in now in the green meadow of Manjimup is that place where this dream shall come to pass!!

Blue wrens

Blue wrens in our yard

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