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Today a brother in East Africa asked me to pray as he is preaching in a series of meetings and as I did the Lord spoke this word through my keyboard…

Father!  Thank you in the name of Jesus that you mount up on eagles wings inside of my brother…that you cause him to soar in the heights of the heavens above! That you give to him all resources that he needs…words of the prophet, words of healing, power to heal the sick…Father as you have called him so show forth Your glory through him in Jesus name.

Let the prayers of the saints in __________ BREAK THROUGH the heavens and tear the very fabric of the heavens OPEN! Let rain come down upon your people O God…let rain come down…I see an outpouring of the Spirit of God like this nation has never seen before beginning now….I see people raised from the dead!!! I see coffins opened and the dead walking! No one will speak against it. It will be unstoppable.

The meetings end tomorrow night the 28th.


Feature photo –  taken by Jerry Ferguson in Phoenix, USA

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