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So around 9pm W.S.T things got quite intense here. They came against me one way and fled 7 ways. For the Lord Jesus loves His enemies and holds out His open hand to them.

They came to destroy me but in the name of the Lord I destroyed the ones binding them and holding them in darkness.

They were shrouded in veils to stay unseen…but the Lord cut through the darkness and through the veils like a man pushes through long elephant grass. I walked straight through the veils into their space with Jesus love and light shining forth. What could they do except flee in terror?

I told them of His great love for them though they curse and shake their fetishes and try to harm me. They were witch-doctors on one side and users of voodoo on the other. But no matter what they did the Lord prevailed over them simply through loving them.

They used my image to capture and curse me…I prayed the love of God would pierce their hearts every time they looked upon my image to hurt me.

So I felt after they left to share communion. Hallelujah!!! Jesus deserves all the glory and praise!!

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At the noise of all His waterfalls

Sat Jan 8 , 2022
The Logical song written by Roger Hodgson of British band “Supertramp” in 1979  when I was 18 still speaks so much spiritual truth to the […]