The Great Southland Australia

Another prophetic declaration sung over this land of Australia. In 1995 Darlene Zschech came to Perth and with a team of worshipers including the wonderful Michael Battersby (the guy in the middle of the 3 tenors) joined the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

The song’s title is interesting. From an article  at Military History Fandom the author notes that Pedro Fernandes de Queirós a Portuguese navigator coined the phrase “The  Australian land of the Holy Spirit”  but he did this while on an island north of Australia, Vanuatu.

In May 1606 the expedition reached the islands later called the New Hebrides and now the independent nation of Vanuatu. Queirós landed on a large island which he took to be part of the southern continent, and named it Australia del Espiritu Santo. In his printed memorials, notably the Eighth (which was published in Italy, Holland, France, Germany and England), this was altered to Austrialia del Espiritu Santo (The Australian Land of the Holy Spirit), a pun on “Austria”, to flatter King Philip III, who was of the House of Austria.

Pedro Fernandes de Queirós was of course Roman Catholic and zealous for the conquest of the nations for Vatican rule. So having a servant of the Popes name this land the land of the Holy Spirit is a bit strained for me —BUT God is the Redeemer and uses anyone to put His prophetic mark and word on something. He prophesied through the High Priest that Jesus would die for all the people. (John 11:51)

Therefore I can sing this song knowing God spoke through the Portuguese Captain long ago prophetically

for God wanted us to KNOW that He has PUT HIS MARK UPON THIS LAND!!

Verse 1:
This is our nation, this is our land,
This is our future, this is our hope.
A land of reaping, a land of harvest,
This is our land, this is our home.

This is the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit,
A land of red dust plains and summer rains,
To this sun-burnt land we will see a flood,
And to this Great Southland His Spirit comes.

Verse 2:
This is our nation, this is our land,
This land of plenty, this land of hope.
The richest harvest is in her peoples,
We see revival, His Spirit comes. [to chorus]

Verse 3:
This is our nation, this is our land,
This lucky country, of dreams gone dry,
And to these people we see a harvest,
And to this land, revival comes. [to chorus]

by Geoff Bullock


Called to establish the new heavens and to say to the earth The Lord Jesus reigns!! Called to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ and to win those lost ones He puts in my path. Wherever He sends I will go!

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