A Saviour on a Hill

O how there is such a prophetic anointing today -Thursday 30th December 2021!! An anointing of higher things!! Today is the New Beginning. Today the Matrix is shattered and the prison house is opened!
“The Land is filled with hope and destiny this day.
The land is calling to the heavens
The heavens are answering
Sending rains of fire upon all upturned faces.”
“See this day I have set you over nations to pull down and to raise up….Raise up the desolate cities–raise up the highway of holiness—raise up a people looking like God…raise up a call and a shout of praise for this is the time and this is the hour of my love poured out and my strength made known. I like you Australia–I like you…a people after God’s own heart! Call to me and I shall answer you by fire for it is fire that you need the most this day…and It shall burn to the lowest depths and thoroughly clean out the chaff. For fire has been asked for and fire has been sent. So this day is when it begins–This day is marked on my holy calendar ! Behold A NEW THING SHALL  I DO say the Lord..a thing that shall astound and a thing that shall take many by surprise. For a woman shall encompass a man and great shall be the healing flow as this woman does what she is called and made to do. Behold I give this woman of my heart the keys to the kingdom and she shall open the prison doors and set the captives free…just watch!! Just watch!! Many shall be riveted to their screens as  she does the things I have put in her path to do. Brand new days are here…a thick anointing a heavy garment of golden glory shall come to rest upon my people. “

November 8th 2021 – a word to the northern tribes



Called to establish the new heavens and to say to the earth The Lord Jesus reigns!! Called to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ and to win those lost ones He puts in my path. Wherever He sends I will go!

One thought on “A Saviour on a Hill

  • 30 December 2021 at 1:53 pm

    Thanks Dennis. Thatt really speaks to my heart. I have felt such an anointing all day. I was actually laughing out loud earlier and saying to Father there is SO much coming through I haven’t got time to read and absorb it all. I will send you the song from Johan that blesses me so much. It remjnds me of my son Bob who also plays and sings similar. But he is not with the lord at this stage.My Father a very gifted man, holines preacher and beautiful pianists and singer used to play like that and just worship..so many memories . Bless you all Father is so good xoxo


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