The goal posts have been shifted from what really matters

As I wrote last night God has authority over all these plagues. If a person turns to God those plagues shall have done their job. That does not sound fair now does it? As a society at least in the west we favour the one committing a crime more than the victim of crime. We make all sorts of excuses for the criminal and plead for mercy and a short sentence.

God is merciful fore sure–He sent His Son as the personification of His Mercy –so you could escape the judgement coming upon the wicked.

All law breaking is sin

Whatever your favourite sin is you shall receive wages for practicing it. God is not mocked…that is He is not going to let you off the hook like modern judges. You shall receive what YOU have been earning UNLESS you repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

God is patient with us BUT there comes a time when after He has pleaded with us for so long to turn to Him–that judgement shall FALL UPON US for our DISOBEDIENCE.

A certain fearful expectation of judgement is all that remains if we continue to forsake and deny Jesus Christ.

As Revelation 16 says a foul and loathsome sore is coming on all who choose the Beast instead of Jesus Christ. Deep spiritual darkness that can be felt causing anguish and groaning is coming upon all who want to stay in the Devil’s kingdom. The sun shall scorch and torment people still refusing to repent and come to Jesus. Great Hail stones shall smash upon those ones blaspheming and shaking their fists at God. Blood and death shall be everywhere ALL BECAUSE people want to GO ON living a life that is separate from God.

This kind of preaching was normal centuries and even decades ago but is not popular anymore. For good reason! People desire to live in sin.

What is sin? Sin is lawlessness.

On one level breaking God’s laws is sin and needs a blood sacrifice to be shed for it so that forgiveness is applied to the sinner.

So having any other god before the TRUE GOD who is revealed through Jesus Christ is a breaking of God’s holy Law.

You may not have a physical idol of a god in your home–though most of us do (the television, computer, mobile phone, gaming device, etc etc)a god is anything that we worship. Whatever we give all our time and money to is a god to us. Whatever we turn to in time of need is a god to us. Whether it is a person or a substance or a thing imaginary or “real” that god is coming between you and the True God. God shall not have any other gods come between you and He BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU!

God is the ONLY god that truly loves you.

He demonstrated that love by sending Jesus to die for YOUR SINS when you were still an enemy of God.

There are many gods. None of them love you. None of them took the wages of your sins which you should have received and willingly died under the punishment for sin– FOR YOU! Let not these words seem like empty things!

If you do not receive the Sacrifice for sin made for you—you shall have to pay the sin debt owing to God.

You can argue about that all you like. You can snub Jesus and say No to God. You can go on living as if you are your own god and reject coming meekly to your creator for forgiveness. You can reject Him. You have been rejecting Him. BUT THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES FOR THAT REJECTION OF JESUS CHRIST the Sacrifice for your sins.

How about economic collapse? All that wealth and money  GONE! WOOOSH! ALL GONE– Your ticket to pleasures innumerable –money–vanished over night. Where is your god now? Where is your “pleasure god”. God, the TRUE GOD has authority OVER ALL THESE PLAGUES.

The world system that you live in is UNDER GOD’S JUDGEMENT. It says of itself that it is God…and all those who love it shall find that God is not happy about that.

God says COME OUT OF HER lest you share in her plagues.

God is visiting plagues upon the thing called Babylon –which is the world system set up in opposition to God.

The world where money is a god the main god. God shall crush it and strike it down.


Science and Medicines are another false god that most in this world trust in. Anything that REJECTS GOD and places itself ABOVE HIM into FIRST PLACE will BE BROUGHT DOWN. You better make sure your science is approved by God NOT MAN. God loves you and wants the best for you..and the best thing for you IS TO TURN TO JESUS!

Walk right with God and no harm shall come to you.

But all those ones REJECTING HIS SON Jesus shall taste the wrath of God and it will NOT BE PRETTY.

Oh yes– they will put many Believers in Jesus to death painting us as the ones who are the sinners…Yes–Sinners against their false gods. Rebels against Pharaoh the wicked stubborn and proud king. But God –the true God–knows those who are His–even if the World passes judgement upon us as guilty rebels and sinners.



All of the alternative media want the wicked elite world controllers to be captured and punished.


The mantra “TO SAVE OUR WAY OF LIFE” is still what people are fighting for. They demonstrate and fight to save their way of life. A life devoid of submission to God. A life where pleasures are their gods. A life where they can go on breaking God’s laws and reveling in that. A life where they can commit all sorts of sins and get away with it.


You don’t want a New World order?

You don’t want a Great Reset?

You don’t want an Orwellian Dictatorship?

Anyone who harms a little child HAS BEEN SEEN by the angels assigned to that little child. Those angels ALWAYS SEE THE FACE OF GOD. Your sins have been logged. You have been watched all your life…never mind cameras everywhere–WHAT ABOUT THE EYES OF GOD AND HIS ANGELS???!!

That young girl you leered at with your eyes and lusted over WAS ATTACKED BY DEMONIC SPIRITS because YOU sinned against her even just by your looking. Your lust went forth towards her as she walked away–demons of lust that followed her and tried to get her to receive your wicked selfish intentions.

That man at the office –a married man –who is flirting with you –because his wife and he have grown apart—WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HIM? God is watching you. Are you enticing him each day? Is he the reason you chose that skirt or that blouse for work today? What are you doing!? God shall judge fornicators and adulterers….WHILE THEY LIVE!

Don’t think that God will wait till you are dead AFTER YOU have had all your fill of sinful pleasures to judge you.

Judgement comes upon the world and all those loving the lusts of the world HERE IN THIS LIFE.

You want to lust for your god— You don’t want to repent and turn to Jesus? WELL GET READY TO BE GIVEN OVER TO YOUR GOD.

You think that the world would be a better place if there were NO CHRISTIANS in it reminding you of your sins.

Friend if there comes a time when their are no Christians THEN YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!!

Turn to Jesus Christ NOWWW!!

The fierce wrath of God is IMMINENT.

Noah MOVED WITH GODLY FEAR and OBEYED GOD. He built an ark to save His family and any others who BELIEVED as well.

But they MOCKED…and scorned the man and his message–REPENT –TURN FROM YOUR SINS–TO THE LIVING GOD – JESUS CHRIST!

It is not as if they were not told. THEY WERE TOLD.

God warned them for over 100 years!


The consequences caught up with them.

Oh so you think it is a fairy tale? It never happened you say?

God IS NOT MOCKED my friend…Go ahead mock Him.

And get ready for His wrath to destroy everything you worship.

Is it money? God shall see to that.

Is it fame and reputation? God shall see to that as well.

Is it your body and health and physique? God shall see to that.

What you should do is to get on your knees NOW where you are..



The King on a Cross –AN INNOCENT MAN–The Lamb of God –Jesus of Nazareth — Born in Bethlehem–PERFECT IN EVERY WAY BEFORE GOD….

A sinless sacrifice –the Passover Lamb — TASTED DEATH FOR ALL OF US REBELLIOUS CHILDREN.

The King of Judah -Jesus the son of David — DIED UNDER PENALTY OF OUR SINS —

Satisfied the FULLY  the DEBT YOU OWED GOD–with payment made in His own holy blood.

You go free because He died for you.

The Debt you owed is PAID!! To show this God raised Jesus from Death – His body was not stolen away….He was raised up by God’s Power….Even as the Prophets said He would be.

A Call to Repentance

Hosea 6

Come, and let us return to the Lord;
For He has torn, but He will heal us;
He has stricken, but He will bind us up.
After two days He will revive us;
On the third day He will raise us up,
That we may live in His sight.
Let us know,
Let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord.
His going forth is established as the morning;
He will come to us like the rain,
Like the latter and former rain to the earth.

A Prayer to say out loud to God.

Heavenly Father I come to you as a sinner in need of Your forgiveness. Thank you for this message. I admit I need to give my heart to Jesus. I believe Jesus is Your Son sent from heaven to die for my sins so I can KNOW YOU FATHER. I receive Jesus into my heart now. He is alive from the dead. I want you to be my ONLY GOD JESUS. I forsake all other gods and turn fully to You Lord. Help me to know You and to walk with You all my days that I have left on this earth.

If you prayed that prayer to God -Believe that He has heard you. It is no light thing to utter a prayer to your Heavenly Father. He has waited for you to do this for so long.

I pray for you– I ask You my dear Father that you would show this one–your child–your mercy and grace and lead them in your ways. I pray that you would connect them with someone or some group of believers so that they may grow in Grace and be encouraged in Your Life of the spirit. Father separate them to Yourself from all that tries to pull them back into sin and death.

Seek to be baptised (fully immersed) in water by a believer as soon as you can. Confess and declare Jesus Christ as your God, Your Saviour and your Lord at that Baptism. It can be in a backyard pool, a river, the sea, a 44 gallon drum even!! Get baptised.

Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit as well through the laying on of hands of a Holy Spirit filled believer/s. This is the pattern established in the early church.

Believers get baptised in water in the name of Jesus Christ…and they receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking on tongues.

Listen to John’s Gospel – the first 6 chapters.

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Called to establish the new heavens and to say to the earth The Lord Jesus reigns!! Called to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ and to win those lost ones He puts in my path. Wherever He sends I will go!

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