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Purim 2020 I believe  was the time when ‘they’ committed fully to genocide.

The 13/22 signature date was an important date for the evil ones but marked the beginning of the end for them.
The Book of Esther was also key for them…especially 3:13!!

3:13 and letters to be sent by the hand of the runners unto all provinces of the king, to cut off, to slay, and to destroy all the Jews, from young even unto old, infant and women, on one day, on the thirteenth of the twelfth month — it [is] the month of Adar — and their spoil to seize,

In verse 14 those letters became the Law of the land.

14 a copy of the writing to be made law in every province and province is revealed to all the peoples, to be ready for this day.

  The result was “the city Shushan is perplexed.”

Yes everywhere people have been perplexed about what is going on. A corona virus such as a common cold is now a killer bug apparently though hardly anyone knows anyone who has had it. Mandatory vaccination for bug that over 99.9% of people recover from! Perplexed alright!!

Meanwhile prophets and those with knowledge of history and common sense saw through the official news and began warning the people that this is ALL ABOUT WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM GREAT RESET PLANS –digital ID, Digital economy, biometric nano chips, total social control, etc etc….

3:15 The runners have gone forth, hastened by the word of the king, and the law hath been given in Shushan the palace, and the king and Haman have sat down to drink, and the city Shushan is perplexed.

The world leaders conniving together to wipe out whole populations and to steal and to plunder their goods sit down at the same table to toast their success and await the happy news of the deaths of their enemies.

These are psychopaths of the highest(or lowest)degree—the 33rd degree!!

Satan is their boss and their ‘great architect’ –a fallen angel with a huge chip on his shoulders….for he wants to be God and have all people take the knee before him. Poor fellow. I and millions of other humans and angels love to worship Jesus Christ of Nazareth the One who is worthy of all worship and praise. Not some angel!

Esther 4 is where Satan in Haman was defeated.


Because Mordecai and Esther gave themselves to PRAYER to the Great God who answered their prayers.

I was totally blessed to read the apocryphal account of this story in the Greek Septuagint which includes the prayers of these two desperate saints who were facing annihilation.

After Esther 4:17 in the versions we have,,— words not in the Hebrew text but in the Greek version of the Hebrew are added. I have copied this with one finger typing from my hardcover Brenton’s Septuagint with Apocrypha version.

Mordecai prays

And he(Mordecai) besought the Lord, making mention of all the works of the Lord; and he said,

“Lord God, king ruling over all, for all things are in thy power, and there is no one that shall oppose thee in thy purpose to save Israel.

For thou hast made the heaven and the earth, and every wonderful thing in the world under heaven.

And thou art Lord of all, and there is no one who shall resist thee the Lord.

Thou knowest all things: thou knowest, Lord, that it is not in insolence, nor haughtiness, nor love of glory, that I have done this, to refuse obeisance to the haughty Aman. For I would gladly have kissed the soles of his feet for the safety of Israel. But I have done this that I might not set the glory of man above the glory of God: and I will not worship anyone except thee, my Lord, and I will not do these things in haughtiness.

And now , O Lord God, the King, the God of Abraam, spare thy people, for our enemies are looking upon us to our destruction, and they have desired to destroy thine ancient inheritance. Do not overlook thy peculiar people, whom thou hast redeemed for thyself out of the land of Egypt. Hearken to my prayer, and be propitious to thine inheritance, and turn our mourning into gladness, that we may live and sing praise to thy name, O Lord; and do not utterly destroy the mouth of them that praise thee, O Lord.”
And all Israel cried with all their might, for their death was before their eyes.

Esther prays

And queen Esther betook herself for refuge to the Lord being taken as it were in the agony of death. And having taken off her glorious apparel, she put on garments of distress and mourning; and instead of grand perfumes she filled her head with ashes and dung, and she greatly brought down her body, and she filled every place of her glad adorning with the torn curls of her hair.

And she besought the Lord God of Israel, and said,

“O my Lord, thou alone art our king: help me who am destitute, and have no helper but thee, for my danger is near at hand.
I have heard from my birth, in the tribe of my kindred, that thou, Lord tookest Israel out of all the nations, and our fathers out of all their kindred for a perpetual inheritance, and hast wrought for them all that thou hast said. And now we have sinned before thee, and thou hast delivered us into the hands of our enemies, because we honoured their gods: thou art righteous O Lord.

But now they have not been contented with the bitterness of our slavery, but have laid their hands on the hands of their idols, in order to abolish the decree of thy mouth, and utterly to destroy thine inheritance, and to stop the mouth of them that praise thee, and to extinguish the glory of thine house and thine altar, and to open the mouth of the Gentiles to speak the praises of vanities, and in order that a mortal king should be admired for ever.

O Lord, do not resign thy sceptre to them that are not, and let them not laugh at our fall, but turn their counsel against themselves, and make an example of him who has begun to injure us. Remember us, O Lord, manifest thy self in the time of our affliction, and encourage me O king of gods, and ruler of all dominion. Put harmonious speech into my mouth before the lion, and turn his heart to hate him that fights against us, to the utter destruction of him and them that consent with him.

But deliver us by thine hand, and help me who am destitute, and have none but thee, O LOrd. Thou knowest all things, and knowest that I hate the glory of transgressors, and that I abhor the couch of the uncircumcised, and of every stranger.

Thou knowest my necessity for I abhor the symbol pf my proud station which is upon my head in the days of my splendour: I abhor it as a menstruous cloth, and I wear it not in the days of my tranquility.

And thy handmaid has not eaten of the table of (H)Aman, and I have not honoured the banquet of the king, neither have I drunk wine of libations. Neither hast thy handmaid rejoiced since the day of my promotion till now, except in thee O Lord God of Abraam. O God, who hast power over all, hearken to the voice of the desperate, and deliver us from the hand of them that devise mischief; and deliver me from my fear. “

And it came to pass of the third day, when she had ceased praying, that she put off her mean dress, and put on her glorious apparel. And being splendidly arrayed, and having called upon God the Overseer and Preserver of all things, she took her two maids, and she leaned upon one, as a delicate female, and the other followed bearing her train.

And she was blooming in the perfection of her beauty; and her face was cheerful, as it were benevolent, but her heart was straitened for fear. And having passed through all the doors, she stood before the king: and he was sitting upon his royal throne, and he had put on all his glorious apparel, covered all over with gold and precious stones, and was very terrible.

And having raised his face resplendent with glory, he looked with intense anger: and the queen fell, and changed her colour as she fainted; and she bowed herself upon the head of the maid that went before her.

But God changed the spirit of the king to gentleness, and in intense feeling he sprang from off his throne, and took her into his arms, until she recovered: and he comforted her with peaceable words, and said to her, What is the matter Esther? I am thy brother; be of good cheer, thou shalt not die, for our command is openly declared to thee, Draw nigh.

I am sure you will agree how prophetic and wonderful these prayers are!!

She recognises that they had sinned by honouring the gods of Persia –Just like God says come out of Babylon and touch not the unclean thing!

She recognises that the Beast is not content to simply have us as his slaves–but he wants to kill us.

They want to defeat God’s WORD and make it(Him Jesus) fail.

They want to stop praise and worship and to shut down the true worship in spirit and truth.

They want people to praise vain things like pharmaceutical drugs/sorcery.


As father said to me a few days ago….
So be not alarmed and be not anxious about it My child for the days of your captivity are ended and the days of your release have come upon you…for the proud and the boastful have met their day and you shall rise and they shall fall–for have I not said that you shall walk with Me on your high places. I delight to do this, I delight to lift up the needy and to carry them upon My shoulder’s for you are even My sons and daughters I love you as My very own Son…so again I say to you–be not afraid!! Trust in Me and what I have said and do not doubt it. The river is wide and looks hard to cross but it is when you put your feet into it that it stops flowing from upstream. So I will lead you and you shall triumph for My faith shall carry you and you will see it. From Hope against Hope

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