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When I was seeking Father for what to do for some weeks in October and then in November He shocked me with how He answered….I wrote about it in an email

I was driving the work truck on Nov 5th and listening to Acts. As I listened to chapter 4 I had a sense that I am going to see this sort of thing play out here in Manjimup once I leave the job. My 60th birthday is the 4th December. So Acts 4:12 spoke to me… I pondered that–whether I was imagining things or not. Then I arrived at my next drop off point on the truck run. A guy I had not seen there before came up to me saying my name..He introduced himself as Terry from a church we left in 2003 which began our wilderness time. He told me he is semi retired now working only 15 hrs a week there. I asked him how old he is—He replied I am 60. I thanked God that He confirmed to me that I am to retire from work once I reach 60.  Which is December 4th…but seeing as that is a Saturday I have told my boss that Friday 3rd is my last day. Last week I read that days Proverbs chapter. Proverb 23:4 says “Do not overwork to be rich; Cease!” Again the 4th is when I will have Ceased work!

As it turned out I was going to finish work on the 3rd December ’21 but my boss who had previously said “I do not want to let you go” –asked me to also work the 4th December. So I finished work on the 4th as God had said. Funny how God spoke the date to me through the actual Bible chapters of Acts 4:12. Here in Australia we don’t put the day first but the month. So thinking about this today I remembered that back then on November 5th I also looked at the chapters around the other way…Acts 12:4 but did not see anything at the time…..BUT NOW!!! In light of what Father has been showing me through the two ships Recherche and Espérance in 1792 speaking of from darkness to light and from prison to good hope and freedom and also about deliverance from the storm the following chapter is prophetic for NOW – DECEMBER and possibly through to April when Passover occurs(April 15th – 23rd 2022).

Herod’s Violence to the Church(the current dictatorial mandates etc)

12 Now about that time Herod the king stretched out his hand to harass some from the church. Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. And because he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to seize Peter also. Now it was during the Days of Unleavened Bread. So when he had arrested him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four squads of soldiers to keep him, intending to bring him before the people after Passover.

The above speaks of the darkness over the earth today in which the church is being isolated and targeted by modern day Herod/Haman.But specifically I am seeing the 12th chapter as December this year when God has set me free from slavery and therefore am interested in what it reveals.

Peter Freed from Prison

Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church. And when Herod was about to bring him out,(after Passover)….

That is after April 3rd AD 33 which was when Jesus was crucified….. Peter kept in Prison–imprisoned by Herod –but constant prayer was being offered….Speaks of this day—The bulk of the Church is being imprisoned by modern Herod so we must keep praying for the deliverance to come.

that night Peter was sleeping, bound with two chains between two soldiers; and the guards before the door were keeping the prison. Now behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him, and a light shone in the prison; and he struck Peter on the side and raised him up, saying, “Arise quickly!” And his chains fell off his hands. Then the angel said to him, “Gird yourself and tie on your sandals”; and so he did. And he said to him, “Put on your garment and follow me.” So he went out and followed him, and did not know that what was done by the angel was real, but thought he was seeing a vision. 10 When they were past the first and the second guard posts, they came to the iron gate that leads to the city, which opened to them of its own accord; and they went out and went down one street, and immediately the angel departed from him. 11 And when Peter had come to himself, he said, “Now I know for certain that the Lord has sent His angel, and has delivered me from the hand of Herod and from all the expectation of the Jewish people.”

Peter in darkness of the prison house saw a great light and was set free–the prison doors opened the iron gates opened and he went free. The enemy lost his prisoners. I spoke about “the captive exile hastens” in Isaiah 51 a while back

12 So, when he had considered this, he came to the house of Mary, the mother of John whose surname was Mark, where many were gathered together praying. 13 And as Peter knocked at the door of the gate, a girl named Rhoda came to answer. 14 When she recognized Peter’s voice, because of her gladness she did not open the gate, but ran in and announced that Peter stood before the gate. 15 But they said to her, “You are beside yourself!” Yet she kept insisting that it was so. So they said, “It is his angel.” 16 Now Peter continued knocking; and when they opened the door and saw him, they were astonished. 17 But motioning to them with his hand to keep silent, he declared to them how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. And he said, -Go, tell these things to James and to the brethren.- And he departed and went to another place.

Testimonies of deliverance and building faith in the people of God

18 Then, as soon as it was day, there was no small stir among the soldiers about what had become of Peter. 19 But when Herod had searched for him and not found him, he examined the guards and commanded that they should be put to death.

The enemy suffers a defeat and turns on himself

And he(Herod) went down from Judea to Caesarea, and stayed there.

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