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There is an inner anguish and a desperate cry within the hearts of all —–They want to cry out to God to save them!!!!


They dare not cry out to God because they do not believe He loves them….

They have believed the


That God is a tyrant who only plans for their destruction.

Millions today think exactly the same thing about God. God has elected some to be saved from eternal hell fire in a lake of fire….BUT HAS ELECTED MOST to perish in that lake of fire– Being tormented forever and ever..

How can they come close to such a loving heavenly Father while having such knowledge in the deep layers of their hearts?

It is a deep seated LIE that must be uprooted.

It is a tare sewn by the Devil.

It is an accusation that must be cast down.

This is my mission and also why most Christians will not read my posts.

Most Christians worship a Tyrant type of God.

They have a love hate relationship with their god.

They are terrified of Him!!

But they try their best to love Him.

This what God is working to destroy….This false thing that blocks his children from knowing Him for real.

Many prophesy out of that false view of God…..and are burdened by it.

Yet there is another way.

But they call that other way heresy and fight to keep their love for the Tyrant front and centre.

They revere the god who shall cast all the wicked into a fire of tormenting flame forever and ever….and they cannot wait for that to happen.

The dark malignant accusation hiding in their heart SHOUTS out Satan’s poisonous claims that God is UNJUST…GOD IS A LIAR…GOD IS NOT LOVING…

They cannot bear the thought that God should FORGIVE SINNERS ALL THEIR SINS….

They cannot tolerate it if you tell them God shall restore all people to His image and likeness eventually.

They hiss and spit hell fire warnings to shut you up….

In essence they hate the god they claim to believe in… their head…..

But they love the God they sense when they are weak and in need and who appears when they think of Jesus.

Two Gods…

Only One shall remain when this is all over.

The Lord Jesus Christ the manifestation of the true God
Molech -the manifestation of the False god

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