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I preached this short message at about 6pm W.S.T on the 16th November 2021…and was not going to post it. But tonight -the 18th I saw that Stephen Jones wrote the same things on the 16th his time in USA which would have been around the exact same time I preached this! So it must be a focus Jesus wants spoken and published. (In the video I say it is nearly 7pm…but no, it was only 6pm)

Hello, 16th November 2021 – Getting on to about 7pm(actually it was about 6pm)

I just want to share a good old fashioned message that the Lord has laid on my heart. In 2021 there is still only one way for anyone to come to God. And that is through the narrow way – The Way Himself – Yeshua ha Meshiach! Jesus the Messiah. So just in case there any who are confused- because there is confusion deliberately sewn in the last couple of hundred years concerning natural Israel versus the Church of the living God which is made up of Jew and there is confusion as to a Jew gets saved and how someone from another nation becomes a child of God.

Paul the apostle who today is maligned and accused of heresy because of the faction of the circumcision still around today—they want to make the case that there are  two ways for people to be saved. One way if you are Jewish is through the Law of Moses and the covenant given to Israel, given to Abraham, the covenant of circumcision and the keeping of the Law given to Moses at Sinai

And the other way, is if you are a Gentile is to come to God through faith in Jesus Christ. In fact the Roman Catholic church, the Vatican is in support of that – those two  ways. And so they discourage, even forbid anyone to evangelise those who call themselves Jewish today. Now I’m not seeking to offend people who are Jewish who practice Judaism but I am in support of what the Scriptures teach and what the Lord Jesus Christ taught and what His apostle taught; That no one can come to God unless he comes through Jesus Christ of Nazareth Jesus the Son of David, the Son of God.

If you have a problem with that then you’re not following the Scriptures you’re following the doctrines of man under the influence of deceiving spirits. That’s all you can say its as plain as that. There is only one way to come to God – And that is through the Man Jesus Christ sent by God the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. If you don’t come through Jesus then you are still lost in your sins and you have rejected the only way that God has made available to you. There are not two ways there are not many ways there is only one way, the way Himself Jesus Christ.

So that’s it in a nutshell – if you’re offended by it.. well I am not sorry about it at all.

This is the true gospel of JESUS Christ preached by the apostles!!


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