Jesus disappointed Judas

Whenever Jesus uttered declarations in the Spirit Judas and the others interpreted his sayings through the filter of the carnal mind. Judas Iscariot hoped Jesus would cause a revolt and throw off the oppression of the Roman occupation. Yet Jesus had no such plan.

The Roman oppressors were there in the land of Palestine because God had given them authority to be there. Why would Jesus go against His Father?

In this time it is a little different. The Beast is in rebellion to the court of heaven and refuses to give up it’s authority over the poeple of the earth. That is why nearly every thing they announce and do is occasioned with their favourite number 13. See this timeline I started way back.

Jesus came to give His life as a ransom for sinners…for all people….and NOT TO DESTROY lives.

The disciples including especially the revolutionary minded Judas Iscariot misinterpreted Jesus.

They thought that the Kingdom was about to come through Jesus …and that the violent take it by force. They thought he meant through human strength.

Daniel the Hebrew prophet wrote that the Stone that shall destroy the feet of the fourth kingdom of iron fused with clay is cut out WITHOUT HUMAN HANDS.

In the days of those kings –who are crushing the residue with their feet–and dominating the people’s of the world -God will set up a kingdom that has no end.

See Daniel 2

I want to declare right here that men in high places such as the previous president are NOT going to save anyone. They are on the same side as the current President.

Question for you.

Why are Masonic floors Black and white?

Because through that duopoly their cause is advanced. Hegelian dialectic.

Why do they have the motto order out of chaos? And the phoenix with two heads each looking in opposite directions?

Same thing.

Two opposing heads…but ONE body.

The Beast has many heads….but all those heads whether good or bad are the same beast.

When I wrote about arrest warrants I was NOT speaking of Trump or Q or Flynn. All those guys are part of the same Beast. White hats are still the same Beast.

Three times Mr Donald went broke and three times Rothschild money bailed him out.

Mr Trump was the one boasting about warping the human genome speedily and  recommending everyone take the mark as well.

Yet Jesus said that He could call on 12 legions of angels if he chose to. He did not choose to save himself but US. He died to save us.

In these days however—we can call upon legions of angels.

And they shall arrest demon spirits and fallen angels who are the power behind and in many world leaders today who are hell bent on doing harm to us all.

We have the authority to call on those armies of angels and they shall arrest many.

What do you think happened to Herod when he was being watched by these angels? He gave a speech and did not give honour to God.

He immediately was devoured by worms and died.

An arrest warrant was out for Herod….He refused to bow to it and acknowledge God.

These are severe times we live in.

Angels of God are real!! And their arrest warrants are higher than those of men.

We should fear God and give Him the glory.

Put your hope in Jesus alone and not in corrupted men.

Put Biden’s head on one side and Trump’s on the other– This is how they roll people.

Our Script is not like that. We have one head…and one Lord and One body..

We do not look for another saviour.



Called to establish the new heavens and to say to the earth The Lord Jesus reigns!! Called to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ and to win those lost ones He puts in my path. Wherever He sends I will go!

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