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If God is not into controlling people would that lead to anarchy?

Everyone acts according to their inner nature.

My inner nature is Jesus the Christ. Pure holy and blameless. I am light and I am love.

I am filled with wisdom and health and joy and peace for Jesus is one with me all through my being – spirit, soul and body.

His words are life to me–they are written upon my DNA and I act out from His blueprint because it is who I am.

He made me this way–and I have come to accept that.

Oh I have tried the other way…

I have tried to be like Jesus and failed miserably over and over.

And I have beat myself up with self condemnation in an effort to punish myself into doing better next time.

That way is death – death – death.

Now I accept that Jesus is inside me and is my very life and nature.

I am filled with all the fullness of God and am thoroughly complete inside of Him.

This God who is the very life and breath that we live inside of ALLOWS us to choose or refuse Him.

He allows us to fall….Yet He will not ever abandon us.

He lets us go our own way….but He wont stop drawing us and waiting for us to come to our senses.

He sees through our bluster and pretending and looks straight into the very core of our personal wounding and He sighs all over us.

His gentleness breaks a bone….Nothing is stronger than the gentleness of our God.

Because the problems are not outer but inner and only God holds the key to unlock that pain.

No army or military or organised group of thugs can do anything about the inner. Though they try to rewrite the code and instructions they shall fail…for we BELONG TO HIM who made us and ONLY our maker can unlock the true code that makes us His. He will triumph ONLY through love and freedom…while the enemy will fail and be left with none to rule over.


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