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Jonah sat sullenly beneath the tree that God had made to grow for him. He was waiting for the destruction of God to come upon the heathen city….the city that Nimrod had built…the seed of Cain.

But God showed Jonah that he did not know God’s heart at all just like John and James when they asked Jesus if they should call down fire on Samaria to burn them up like Elijah had done. Jesus responded that they did not know what manner of Spirit they were of.

All my Christian walk since 1989 I have worked amongst unbelievers in companies owned by unbelievers. In the last 32 years I was sporadically involved in churches because if job committments and since 2010 not at all. Yet I love the Lord and have His Spirit.

Christian brother or sister I want to remind you that YOU ARE SAVED. But those Ninevites are not yet saved.

They do not know what is going on…or where they come from or where they are going….we do.

I care more about them than Christians getting all worried about the mark of the Beast or dying from covid19 or the v

WE ARE ALREADY SAVED…we know where we are going.

The thing is today like in Jonah’s day–the prophets do not know any sinners. They congregate together in their churches and work in jobs only with Christians. They are separated from the masses of worried people WHO DO NOT HAVE FAITH.

I know where Jesus is…not in church…and he doesnt listen to christian radio either.

He smells like sheep’s wool ….LOST SHEEP’S WOOL.

You already died. You are in Jesus.

They are not.

I believe that next year will see the words of Jesus come to fruition—if those days are not shortened NO FLESH shall be saved.

That death is not from God–but from the evil one.

God weeps for them….He doesn’t rejoice when one sinner dies…even if that sinner was a part of the Agenda being run by the devil.

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