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God does make a distinction between those who have come in and those who still have not come into Jesus. The shaking of current events is sifting and separating –people are brought into the valley of decision. There is a sighing coming from the hearts of many who do not know Jesus.

In work places across the nations the threat of losing the job and it’s income hangs like a guillotine over their heads.

Many hearts are bowed down and at this time are seeking the God of heaven for answers.

God says to them -Come to Me and I shall be a river of living water for you–flowing forth from your inner person  to bring you peace and joy in the very midst of the storm.

Trust in Me!! For I am meek and lowly of heart,

Come to Me!!

And you shall FIND REST for your soul.

There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death.

Choose Life this day! Choose Life!!

Jesus is calling His bride to come into union with Him.

He is motioning to the bed chamber – the place of intimacy and rest.

Come to your God and be unveiled before Him.

Give him all your pretending. Give Him all your self righteousness. Give Him all your fears for tomorrow and condemnation of the past….

For this IS A NEW DAY says the Lord!!

A Day that I have made –a day of new beginnings!!

This can become your new beginning if you will only leave behind all your trying and all your fears at the foot of the cross.

Leave it there –for all your efforts amount to nothing.

Admit to God that you are always wrong. That He is always RIGHT.

His ways are PERFECT a God of Justice and Truth.

Lord today I pray for all those struggling in fears and doubts.

I pray that you would visit with them –their very hearts right now!

That you Lord Jesus would touch them in such a way that they may know your goodness and constant care for them.

Oh Lord!! Touch their hearts today!!

Every fear of tomorrow  we lay at your feet…Every care for our needs we thank you that they are met.

You are faithful and will not abandon the one that comes to You.

Today Lord send forth armies of angels to protect and guide the feet of all those You are calling to yourself.

Minimise the effect of the enemies plans today–the 26th.

Undo his agenda and expose it worldwide.

Make a fool of those who hate your people.

Bring down the proud in his evil plotting and schemes….

But exalt the humble who have come to You for refuge admitting their need of You.

May this day be a day of joy and rejoicing for all the people’s of the world!!

May we see your salvation!!

We have called upon Your name and waited for You!!

Our hearts are strengthened and our hope is high!!

Jesus is revealed in His people –His Temple is open and His Glory is seen!!

Silence in heaven!!

The Lord is coming with ten thousands of His saints!! And thousands and thousands!!

The mighty shall see it and be afraid–they shall hide themselves in the dens and caves from the fierce anger of the Lord–For He comes to do a marvelous work and to cut it short in righteousness.

God is in the midst of her she shall not be moved. Be still and know that He is God—He changes NOT!!

That is why we are not consumed for forgiveness is with Him that we may fear the Lord in worship and adoration.

For the power of God is revealed in all MEEKNESS AND LONG-SUFFERING

Extending forgiveness as an olive branch and remembering His covenant that He has made with His people.

I call heaven and earth today as a witness that the Lord He is Good and His MERCY ENDURES FOREVER!!

No matter what you have chosen my friend…no matter if you already have done it…DO NOT FEAR

God shall not abandon you nor shall He forsake you–continue to trust in Him and He shall see you through.

I am for you!!

I am for you!!





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