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Look at how God has KEPT you and will continue to keep you during all these things that must come to pass and take heart my friend.

Joh_17:12  While I was with them in the world, I kept[G5083] them in Your name. Those whom You gave Me I have kept;[5442] and none of them is lost except the son of perdition, that the Scripture might be fulfilled.

  • G5083
    From τηρός teros
  • (a watch;); to guard (from loss or injury, properly by keeping the eye upon;
  • that is, to note (a prophecy; figuratively to fulfil a command);
  • by implication to detain (in custody; figuratively to maintain);
  • by extension to withhold (for personal ends; figuratively to keep unmarried): –
  • hold fast, keep (-er), (ob-, pre-, re) serve, watch.
    Total KJV occurrences: 75

God is constantly watching over you to guard you from loss or injury by keeping His eye on you! You and I are very foolish just like sheep can be. But God who sees from above as well as from our vantage point navigates our way safely through the labyrinth.  He has appointed His angels over you to do this. He gives you dreams to keep you from your foolish pride so you do not go to the pit before your time.

Job 33:14  For God may speak in one way, or in another, Yet man does not perceive it.
Job 33:15  In a dream, in a vision of the night, When deep sleep falls upon men, While slumbering on their beds,
Job 33:16  Then He opens the ears of men, And seals their instruction. (into your spirit)
Job 33:17  In order to turn man from his deed, And conceal pride from man,
Job 33:18  He keeps back his soul from the Pit,(grave- not Hell fire) And his life from perishing by the sword.

From James Strong’s definition of tereo/kept above we see that your Father will also detain you and withhold you from your desired course. He may prevent you from meeting certain people, getting a particular job or position within the company. He may stop you being promoted even though you pine away for a promotion. God is doing this to KEEP YOU but we often times do not realise it and are not thankful either….until down the track a ways we see how He saved us from disaster if we had got our desire. We also see from Strong’s above that God is always taking note of where you fit into His prophetic tapestry as a member in particular in Jesus’ body. Your path is particular to you–but of benefit to the greater body. God is keeping you in line with that ‘prophetic destiny’ if you like.

The second phrase our Lord Jesus said  – “…Those whom You gave Me I have kept;[5442]…Mtt 17:12

  • G5442
  • the idea of isolation;
  • to watch, that is, be on guard (literally or figuratively);
  • by implication to preserve.
  • obey,
  • avoid: –
  • beware,
  • keep (self),
  • observe,
  • save.
  • Compare G5083.
    Total KJV occurrences: 30

Once again we get great encouragement from the Greek word – in this case phulasso.

God says He has and will ISOLATE US in order to preserve and save us for Himself. God puts us in a bubble isolating us even from friends and family that we may be preserved. I know that He has done this with us and I am led to give thanks to Him who cares for me enough to isolate me from friends and family. How many tears and struggles we have put out to change the situation but God our resolute Father never yields for a moment. hahahaha He is sooo Goooood! Many throw words of scripture at those isolated ones telling them they are lone wolves or that they are forsaking the gathering together of the saints. But God knows what He is doing so we cling to Him.

The result of that statement by Jesus in John 17:12 is that none of them are lost[G622] except the son of perdition.


  • to destroy fully (reflexively to perish, or lose),
  • literally or figuratively: – destroy, die, lose, mar, perish.

All those ones Jesus KEEPS find that they are ONLY FOUND inside of the son of God. They have found themselves inside Jesus. They are safe inside Him and have been caused to LET GO of the old self –that fake self that was crucified with Christ. That fake self has GONE TO PERDITION but the NEW CREATION that they are lives on with Jesus here and now in the power of His resurrection life.

So we see that Jesus living in us and Father KEEPING US inside Jesus is a constant thing so that the son of Perdition –which is the fake self that we have thought was our true identity is seen clearly for what it is. Father then enables us to walk free from that man of lawlessness. The more we walk in the consciousness of the New Creation the more we see so clearly the counterfeit fake self all around us and especially in the world governments.

We cannot stop what God is doing. All are being caused to separate and to choose. Those who live inside of the false self are choosing perdition. But do not despair because the Good Shepherd searches and searches until He finds that one lost sheep…and the woman who lost(G622) her one coin to perdition swept the room and looked until she found it.

Many many in the valley of decision….their heart says one thing but their minds say another.

God Who loves them so much that He sent Himself into their world through Jesus the Mediator shall find each one and bring each one home to Father. In the meantime it looks ugly to our natural eyes. But we look by faith and have hope that though all creation is groaning God HAS HEARD THEIR CRIES and shall deliver all through lives laid down and love poured out—basically JESUS CHRIST IN US.

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