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Have you ever walked in a maze? Many paths lead nowhere. Though you use every mental faculty to trace your way and log every failed attempt in your memory still the path seems uncertain until you suddenly reach the desired end.

You do not know that you are getting close to the end of the maze until you actually arrive. Previous dead ends have taken their toll on your confidence.

But there is a faithful Guide Who knows the way. The Helper who comes alongside and inside Who gently walks us through each day.

Or….Do you remember playing “dot to dot” as a child and watching in amazement as all those seemingly disconnected dots join and find their proper place to become a beautiful scenic picture?

The thing is: Someone designed the maze and Someone put all those dots on the page.

Apostle Paul said one time that he was hoping to “find a way in the will of God to come to you”….another time when he was plannimg to go preach in some place the Helper said NO.

If we are led by our natural mind alone we will do many things and go many places which may not be what He desired for us…but even then He is able to lead us out and weave us in and connect the dots so that the picture is still a Master piece.

Just a thought.

Grace and peace is with your Sspirit.


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