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A tree planted by the Lord does not panic when a storm approaches. It does not do anything because it can do nothing of itself.

A tree planted and watered by the Lord has it’s roots down deep into the bedrock and cannot be shaken.

The storm predictions are shrill–growing louder and louder but the tree simply stands. Having done all to stand -STAND THEREFORE.

The leaves of the tree FACE THE SON and have no OTHER FOCUS than the SON….for from the son’s light it sees light and receives fresh food from that Light.

The tree does not run for cover for it is confident that it’s roots are deep and that the Life that flows through it’s boughs is that of another.

The Tree is like a mighty drinking straw sucking water of life up from the deep places via the xylem vessels in it’s core. All the nutrients it needs are out of reach of the storm which can only touch the surface and never separate the tree from the Life flow.

In fact every storm only serves to strengthen the tree so that it becomes stronger.

After all it is the planting of the Lord that He may be glorified.

Child of Mine rest your head upon My shoulder and know that I have you in this hour–Nothing no nothing can snatch you out of My hands.

I am watering and protecting my garden –the one’s that I have planted in the deep soil of My own heart.


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