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Okay so the title is a bit misleading…This is what happened. For over 18 months now I have written and spoken much about Covid19 and the nefarious plans behind it all. I took my eyes off Jesus and put them squarely upon the enemy and what he is doing.

Last night I had a dream – Thursday 26th

In that dream I saw a man pulling a dead fruit bat out of the mouth of another man.

The bat came out feet first like it had been hanging upside down in the man.

Bats poop on themselves when they hang. It is a picture of being covered in shame.

But also the Bat speaks of the COV19 virus that we are told began with a BAT in the wet meat markets in Wuhan. I am not interested in what the real origins are.

The man pulling the bat out was ME! And the man that had the bat inside him was ALSO ME.

I took the dead bat out of myself!!

Then after I went to work this morning the first job I attended at a apple packing shed the manager walked by my truck holding a cardboard box with a dead rat inside it.

I said out my window “Oh a Hitchhiker!” –He said yep…and walked to the bin to throw it in.

A dead bat and a dead rat….

I normally use the term hitchhiker when speaking about a demonic spirit on or in a person…so I wondered why I said it about the dead rat he was carrying.

Later upon reflection I realised I had to make a quality decision to TURN(REPENT) away from speaking and listening to all the Cov19 nonsense.

I did just that in God’s presence and am free from the fear and anxiety that had gripped me for so long.

Speaking about covid all the time is DEATH to those who hear it.

Now I meditate upon His goodness and mercy and His favour attends unto my soul.

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