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Here in southern Australia it is almost the end of winter then comes spring and then summer in December.

Wheat farmers sowed their seed back in the end of Autumn and early winter in June so that by late November and into December and January they can reap a harvest of golden wheat.

Last years wheat harvest has come into the barns and been stored away and sold. That is awesome and the farmer prospers after first sowing his seed. No sowing no harvest.

Notice that the act of sowing causes increase.

The harvest that comes in from your sowing can be a bit deceiving in that we begin to see the fruit of the sowing and enjoy the benefits of that early work….BUT FORGET that it was because of work done many months earlier that we now are seeing this fruit/wheat.

If we are not aware and awake we may just keep enjoying the harvest and think that it has come to us by God’s grace alone –as if it came to us separate from us doing anything.

If we lean on the “idea” of grace and forget that there are certain immutable laws in God’s Kingdom that operate within that grace we will become lazy and self deceived and miss out on a lot of blessings and even our destiny as sons and daughters of God.

We all want to see a harvest come in in our lives but sometimes I think we have forgotten to sow for that harvest.

If we forget to sow WHILE STILL ENJOYING the harvest from last years sowing we shall have NO HARVEST the next year!

When that happens –no harvest – no fruit– we may complain all we want to about the apparent lack and barrenness in our lives — we ,may blame God for failing to bless us —But God requires us to BELIEVE HIS WORD and to SPEAK it out daily into the particular field we want to see a harvest in.

Then once we have sowed in faith His Promises – ONLY THEN shall we begin to see the harvest.

The Scriptures say that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick–but a desire fulfilled is a tree of Life”

Forgetting to sow His word in faith can cause a prolonged wait for your harvest. This prolonged wait will cause your heart to be sick – depression and despair and all sorts of unbelief and doubts will fill the void of the harvest. Blaming God and condemning yourself will not change a thing.

Only one thing shall bring your harvest to you so that your long awaited desire is fulfilled….SOWING GOD’S WORD out of your mouth daily into the specific thing you desire to see come to pass.

Back on June 14th 2021 while driving the road-train I recorded myself prophesying from my shared S/spirit encouragement and instruction for me.

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