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January first is not the new year

This is the changing of times that Daniel 7 speaks about, that the beast power has brought into effect, telling us that January 1st is the beginning of the year…
Time works by the luminaries that the Creator placed in the heavens – the sun, in the day and the stars, at night.
There are two cycles of six months, each begun on an equinox.
That is how time works and it is built into the creation, based on its reality.
Time was changed by the synagogue of Satan, at the Nicene council and, around that same time, the new Talmudic Kabbalistic religion was brought into being and its calendar sync’d up with the hijacked “Christian” religion, creating the “Judeo-Christian” way, which is NOT the true way.
Once time is changed and people believe in fake, man-made time, then everything else is subject to be changed and we find ourselves landed up where we are now, with lies the order of the day.
Our Heavenly Father and His Redeemer, Jesus Christ,… put the luminaries (sun and stars) in the heavens, to be time-keepers. That is, the creation SHOWS us time.
There is nothing arbitrary(man-made) about time. It is built in to the creation. Time works in two cycles of six months, each beginning on an equinox.
We have come to the end of the time that the saints of the Most High have been given into the hands of the beast power. And the beast’s power to consume and destroy to the end has been taken away and the kingdom given to the saints of the Most High. 2020 was what 2020 was because it is the beast’s year, the beast’s timing. I do not follow man-made time. So my greetings for a new year are not part of this letter. I, like each of you, wish for connection and fellowship. So, my greetings to you, in love, in Him.

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