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The Gospel is an already done thing. It is finished!! The Stone is rolled away and Jesus is Risen.

Mark 16 And they said among themselves, “Who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us?”

This little story from Mark illustrates the finished work of the Cross perfectly.
We often start from a position of emptiness and need in many situations we face and go through. That is okay and normal. But we are no longer normal ….we are New Creations in Christ Jesus.The three sisters arrived at the Tomb where the dead body of Jesus had been lain. They asked the question who will roll the stone away for us? And when they looked up they saw that it HAD BEEN ROLLED AWAY ALREADY.
This is how the revelation of the mystery of God hits us too.

  • We plead with God to forgive us…He says I have ALREADY FORGIVEN YOU ALL TRESPASSES. Col 2:13b
  • We ask God to come to us — He says I am ALWAYS with you. Mtt 28:20
  • We cry to God for Him to help us be holy today–He says You are holy Eph 1:4
  • We ask God to heal us – He says I have already healed you. Isa 53:4,5 & 1Pe2:24
  • We try to die to our self and carry our cross – He has already put you to death -Gal 2:20; Col 3:1-4

God has made all things new….we are catching up with what He has ALREADY DONE. It was when the ladies came to the Tomb and they LOOKED UP that they saw the stone had been rolled away. So we also “look up” and see that God HAS MADE ALL THINGS NEW in us.
ALL Religions are built upon the theme of the OLD COVENANT —- You must perfectly perform your part so that God will bless you. If you fail in one tiny part of your doing…your obedience…then sorry–The wrath of God is unleashed upon you. Do good–get good….do badly get bad!!
Thank God he has ABOLISHED THE OLD COVENANT as a way to be made right with God.
You can reject what I say–which is from Scripture….and CONTINUE TRYING AND TRYING to please God by your obedience. Go ahead. You shall be ashamed before God when He asks you why you continually REJECT WHAT HE HAS ALREADY DONE FOR YOU?
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