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I mowed the front lawn this morning…Oh my!! The weeds had taken over!!

The Tares look just like the wheat so are not easily recognisable. But there comes a time when the weeds grow so profusely that they begin to be seen for what they are. The weeds begin to choke out and smother the wheat.

At that point the weeds are easily seen for what they are–weeds! And also at that time they are easier to pull out for there is more to hold onto. More evidence if you like. Much more evidence that it is a weed!!

And there is only one thing to do with weeds once they are fully grown and flourishing–grab a hold of all the outlying parts of the plant—all the corroborators and enablers and yank them out!!

God sends forth His angels at the end of the age to deal with the tares, to gather them all together and bind them in bundles to be burned.

I loose the Tare pulling angels today in Jesus mighty name. I bind all those tares in Jesus name.

The enemy would have world where weeds are the normal plant everywhere. But in the Kingdom of God there are NO weeds to be seen.

They have been allowed to grow up alongside the wheat —but ONLY until they show their true identity FOR ALL TO SEE.

This is the Revelation–the Apocalypso–Which means the revealing and the manifestation of what each player in the story is in their inner self.

Soon the weeds shall all be gone–rounded up and destroyed. Then the righteous shall shine like the Sun in the Kingdom of their Father.

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