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A large group of people in the church of Jesus will tell you that any teaching that speaks about God within is new age philosophy. Instead we are told that the heart is desperately wicked who can know it.

Therefore if the heart is wicked then we learn to live outside of our heart in a false persona, a manufactured self that appears to be holy and righteous. We dare not live from the heart–for after all the heart is wicked, right?

So let’s just continue pretending with this outer false self doing religious works trying to earn Brownie points and tics and happy face stickers from others and from God. After all we reason that because God knows our heart is wicked then He must be happy with our attempt(our trying) to appear righteous anyway.

So we have learned to reject our true self–our heart–because we think God has rejected it to.

Yet of course the revelation of the Apostles given to them by the resurrected, life giving spirit man Jesus completely blows apart that dark ages teaching.

Your heart is cleansed and made completely new through the work Father did in His son on the Cross. Do not call what God HAS cleansed unclean Peter was told. God dwells in jars of clay–your heart is the Spirit of God.

Yet because the church rejects themselves and their supposed wicked heart they live in separation within themselves. The outer religious me that I try to make righteous and holy and the inner wicked heart that I cannot trust.

And because of this inner war and contrariness within, always opposing ourselves….we think that God is also out there or up there somewhere separate from us.

But God is within. Of course God is all in all and everywhere all at once. He is God, there is no place He is not filling with Himself.

But He has chosen to dwell in Zion which He calls His resting place. Where is Zion? It is the heart of every one who believes in Jesus, individually and corporately whether Jew or Gentile.

We can never know the God who is OUT THERE….in a tree or a rock or in a cloud or in a place , a created place called Heaven. But we can know a God who lives inside of us–in His house which He made.

Okay —what about those who do not believe in Jesus yet?

Where is God to them?

Because God is in all and all are in Him does that mean that all know Him now? No…

This is eternal life that they may know you Father and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. Jn 17:3

The good news is that because of Jesus sacrifice and the shedding of His precious blood ATONEMENT -AT-ONE-MENT has been made for ALL PEOPLE.

ALL people are justified before God through Jesus–but not all know it.

Being born again is not God who is “out there” coming into them who believe BUT it is an awakening and an unveiling of the ONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE ALL ALONG.

The human heart is not empty until God comes in. The human heart is where God is. But their minds have been blinded lest they should see with their eyes and turn to Jesus and be healed.

God is within —the Kingdom of God is within you. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Glory is Christ in you!!

A person who does not yet believe has God with them–but he does not know it or believe it. He is not far from any of us for in HIM we live and move and have our being. We are the offspring of God! All of us–no matter what we are currently believing or not believing.

So get rid of the idea that your heart is evil and wicked. God is in your human heart and He fills your heart with Himself. He has joined Himself with your spirit so that there is only ONE spirit in you–GOD’S

When we accept our heart then we can begin ceasing to live out from the false self we have carefully made all our lives. Ditch is a delusion.

The reason why people in the church think it is new age to say God is within is because they are afraid to go within for they think their heart is wicked. The new agers have more truth than the church on this.

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