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Dear one who takes it upon themself to try to curse me and speak angry words at me in the astral realm….

I love you…and I receive you –your very self–your true inner person…I receive you into me–where I AM–inside of Father God–inside of Jesus Christ—inside of my heart.

“For where I am there you shall be also”…for I bring you into that place in a conscious act of faith.

I dwell inside of unapproachable light –the very light of the face of the son of God Jesus Christ is the glory that I live inside of and contain. And my friend you who try to Hex me I shine that same Light fully upon your heart right now. I accept you–your true inner self into my heart where I dwell inside the Father.

I ask Father to shine His loving FACE upon your heart friend. To turn His smile upon your inner person so that the light of His grace awakens your heart to Jesus Christ your saviour.

You imagine yourself to be higher than me and better than me. I lay myself down and receive you. I lift you up to the One who loves and knows you completely. I bring you together with myself before the very heart beat of God.

And there , with me, your brother, I hold you there above the blood of Jesus sprinkled upon the Mercy seat which is my heart.

You are free! I set you free from every spirit of control and fear. I bind up those spirits and send them away from you.

We shall stand together one day.

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