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If you don’t know a song get your Bible out and sing the psalms. I have not been involved in the churches for over 10 years now, so don’t know any of the popular songs. But there is a whole book of them already printed for us. hehe
I am not a professional–it doesn’t matter to God–what matters is that we come to Him with our hearts open.

Surely His glory does and shall cover the earth and the heavens!!

Surely He is exalted above the heavens and His glory above the earth!!

Not just the planet but your heavens and your earth…YOU.

And He has caused our heart to be steadfast INSIDE of His Heart–by grace.

We awaken the dawn!! The dawning of a new epoch..a new age..a new season in God where man shall come to know Father inside our heart carrying and bearing us all thanks to Jesus the Mediator of a BETTER covenant–the One who joins us to Father inside our hearts

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shape up or ship out

Mon Sep 7 , 2020
informal•North American saying used as an ultimatum to someone to improve their performance or behaviour or face being made to leave. Like it or lump […]