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There is absolutely no justification for hating people-NONE! There are people vilifying other people from a different nationality for whatever “good reason” they have….in their mind it is just and right to hate them because they did this and this or that and that. So what!!

Our battle is with the unseen rulers and spirits of wickedness that push people and trigger people.

Jesus loves all people–He loves those who hate you. He loves those who hurt you. He loves those who hurt the ones you love.

Do you think God is on your side against these other people you hate?

Jesus died for all people on the cross so that all people are reconciled to God and justified before Him. Most have not received that reconciliation yet but it is there for them anyway.

If you walk with God He will look out for you….but if you retaliate and hate those who offend and use and harm you–then you are not walking with Jesus through this. Your hate will bring a reciprocal response back to you. But if you will forgive then Jesus releases His grace and peace to your heart and on you go walking with Him.

The enemy is baiting people to hate one another. Don’t fall for it. Overcome evil with good. Love your enemies. Pray for them.

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Babylon is being shaken

Fri Aug 21 , 2020
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