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Hey do not forget that Pentecost is not a Christian thing…it is the second major Feast in the year for Israel commanded by God in the Law.
The three main Feasts -Passover-Pentecost-Tabernacles. (Lev 23 and Num 28&29)
Yet as Christians we have been grafted into the Israel of God through faith in Jesus Christ the King of Judah.

We may not be Jews outwardly, but we certainly have been made Jews inwardly, not of the letter of the Law which kills, but by the Spirit which brings Life.
Each one of these main Feasts is prophetic in meaning for us in the New Covenant which God has made through Jesus. We do not need to keep the requirements of the Law in a physical performance as the Levites were commanded to do, but we participate in each Feast spiritually.

At the original Passover(which is called by westerners- Easter)in Egypt each Israeli family took a lamb or a young goat without blemish and killed it, taking the blood and painting it upon the doorposts and lintel of their home. God saw their faith in the blood and so the destroying angel passed over their home, sparing them the death of their firstborn.

Those who did not have faith in the blood of the Lamb lost their firstborn to the destroying angel, including Pharaoh.
As you can see, Jesus Christ came to be that Passover lamb, so that whoever believes in Jesus and the blood that He shed for our sins on the cross, would be spared from the death visited upon sin. Instead, through faith in Jesus we receive LIFE eternal.

So the people of Israel were led by Moses and God out from the iron furnace of Egypt into the wilderness of Arabia until finally after 50 days they came to Mt Sinai…the mountain of God where Moses had seen the bush burning with fire without being consumes, and heard God speaking to him from that flame.
In Ex 19 you can read the story of the first Pentecost experience. The people were to come to the mountain when they heard the sound of the trumpet and God would come down upon the top of the mountain and speak with them.

But the people were terrified, so only Moses went up to the top of the mountain. Fire completely engulfed the mountain and the smoke went up like the smoke of a furnace….and thick cloud and lightnings and thunderings descended upon the top of the mountain. The sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder and the whole mountain shook! Then Moses went into the thick cloud and spoke with God and God answered –and all the people below heard Him speak.

In Acts 2 the 120 were in an upper room, like Moses, they went up….and then God came down! He sent a rushing mighty wind, instead of a trumpet noise, and fire sat upon each one of their heads….and they all began to praise and prophesy out of their mouths as the wind of the Spirit filled them all….just like God playing a shofar/trumpet.
The number 120 is significant as well, for in Gen 6 we are told that God will not strive with man’s flesh forever, but his years will be 120.

The end of all flesh came when God destroyed all living things that breathed with a flood. Thus at Pentecost (Shavuot in Hebrew)the fire of the Spirit destroys all our flesh. That old man that opposes God is burned….and transformed.

Being immersed into the Holy Spirit–or baptised into the Spirit is essential. Israel were commanded to keep the 3 feasts in each year in Lev23. It is God’s prophetic pattern for all people.

First we need to have our own Passover and be born anew through trusting in the Lamb of God- Jesus Christ. Then we need to be baptised in water as they were in the Red Sea. Then we need to be baptised in the Spirit as they were all meant to be at Sinai…but only Moses was.
After those two feasts comes Tabernacles when Israel were to dwell in home made booths or a succah for a week to remind them of their wilderness journey how God was with them all the way.

Tabernacles for the Christian is the experience of coming to know your full union with Father in your spirit and heart. To know experientially what Jesus said in John 14:20–“In that day you will know that I am inside the Father and you are inside Me and I am inside of you.”
We come to know that experience through faith in His word spoken all through the New Covenant by the Apostles and Jesus. We call those things that be not as if they are….BUT…

There must come an actual fulfillment of this 3rd Feast in the life of the church…..It will occur when Jesus is revealed in us–His body—- and also when He, the Man comes again.
You will be My people and I will be your God..

So today, Pentecost 2020…is a day to receive the FIRE of God upon our heads, and the rushing mighty wind of the Spirit in our hearts so that we would become living TRUMPETS declaring the Word of the good news of Jesus Christ…sins forgiven, life forever more, a kingdom of peace and joy and equity, a King of all kings, and a Lord of all Lords…Jesus the Righteous branch, Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!!

Be not like the children of Israel and draw back from the mountain….be like Moses and go into the thick cloud and join your heart with God.
Ask Jesus to fully immerse you into His fire and glory and to fill you with His Spirit.

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