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The ring that Frodo puts on belongs to Sauron. When Frodo puts it on the dark beings the ring wraiths sense his whereabouts, he is exposed and seen by them and also Sauron himself.

I have learned a hard lesson that when I post information that exposes the hidden hand in world events–otherwise known as conspiracies – within a short time, maybe a few hours, I am exposed to the hidden hand and attacked with some kind of energy, demonic or soul energy or even electromagnetic.

In this clip, Strider takes Frodo to his upstairs room in the inn and gives him a stern talking to. The ring is no thing to play games with!

Likewise to post things online that expose the hidden hand at work is no light thing. It is an act of war against them.

Recently the Lord or possibly an angel said to me “if you do that”(post stuff online)”I cannot protect you.”

Do not mess with this darkness for in doing so you are actually playing with Satan’s own stuff, like Sauron’s ring.

Frodo should have never put the ring on at all, but gone directly to Mordor and destroyed it.

Many people perish because they play with the enemies stuff to try to outwit and defeat the enemy. Stupid move. Our pride defeats us for we imagine that we are fighting mere men and do not like the fact that these people are outwitting everyone…but not us! We know what they are up to! We shall oppose them and bring them down! This is all pride and fantasy for they are not alone in what they do–they are in league with powers that give them their wisdom and cunning. We are no match for them in and of ourselves.

You are no match for them in and of yourself. Yes you may have the Lord Jesus, and angels to assist you, but who gave you permission to go against them in the first place? Was it the Lord or your pride? Self exultation –O you the mighty warrior! Sure, and soon to be a defeated one.

The prophets ran but God said He never sent them.

The battle is not yours.

I have had visitations of dark hooded beings more than once over the years. These creatures come in the spiritual realm – 4 of them to test the strength and to attack the one that has been opposing them with psychic/spiritual energy. I have experienced this many times. But a few times I have actually seen them.

But each time the Lord Jesus in me has overcome them. I have come to learn that I of mine own self can do nothing against them.

Today I was attacked between 1330 hours and 2000 hours WST whilst at work and at home. I feel it on my head. It was incredibly intense at first and as I prayed and declared the truth nothing changed. So I took a different tack and began blessing them and giving God thanks for them. I prayed that He would bless them with the love and grace and LIGHT of Jesus Christ. I prayed God would bless and care for them and their families. Within minutes the attack weakened and drew back into the background.

For the next 6 hours they continued to attack me but from a distance now. They do not want the light of His face to shine upon them.

Nevertheless–I was warned by God or my angel that I “would cop it” after recently posting stuff that they are doing. It is better to fear God and do as He says than to engage the enemy in a fight I do not need to be involved in.


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