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Being a Spirit filled man I am aware in my spirit when I am being blessed and when I am being cursed by people. I just want to thank the one who has been praying for me of late. Yesterday evening my time I sensed the anointing of the Lord Jesus all night and tonight also it begins again. This is a great comfort to my heart.

Now I will not make the mistake of thinking that His presence with me is because I am right about things I write or preach. No way! I am mostly wrong, most of the time.hahaha

I am tempted to do silly things and sometimes I do them. That is not a good thing to admit, and I am sorry for causing a stumbling block to be in the way of God’s people. Forgive me my sins?

At any rate, again I just want to say thank you for your prayers! I certainly need them! Sometimes I think I must be the most wayward son God has in His family. I love the people of God…all of them, from the religious Pharisee to the most liberal Universalist. They are all my brethren…I receive all people even as Jesus has received me.

I love the Lord Jesus Christ.

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