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Are you a believer in Jesus Christ? Then you are a son of God.
If you are a son of God? Then you are also an heir of God.
You are counted as being in the SEED of Abraham. Therefore you inherit the promises made to our Father Abraham.
Those who are of faith are the SEED….not just faith in God or Yahweh, but ONLY those who are believers in YeshuaJesus -Jehoshua – the Anointed One or Messiah, the true King of Judah.
If you say you worship God but reject Jesus Christ His Son then your worship of God is VOID and counts for NOTHING.
The only way to inherit the promises made to Abraham is through receiving Messiah Yeshua as your salvation, your sacrifice for sins.
Those who think they can inherit the promises made to Abraham without submitting to God’s Way, God’s  Truth and God’s Life shall find themselves outside God’s kingdom gnashing their teeth.
There is only one way to inherit. There are not two ways.
Jesus is that one way.
Those who believe in Him are made worthy to enter into the Kingdom of God —which is established on heaven and earth.
Those who refuse Jesus but try to enter in through some other way of their own making shall be shut outside weeping and gnashing their teeth.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem the one who stones the prophets and kills those God sends to them.
In you blind self righteousness you shall not see Jesus until you say Baruch ha bar ha shem adonai.
Unless the Lord builds the city those who build Jerusalem labour in vain.
***Brethren please realise that the “im” at the end of the name Yerushalayim gives a PLURAL MEANING TO THAT NAME.***
There is a Jerusalem on the earth that is in BONDAGE with her children. That Jerusalem is doomed for God has not chosen that Jerusalem to be His abiding place “forever”.
No! God has chosen the Jerusalem that is above, the Jerusalem of GRACE IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. The Jerusalem that is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
That is the Jerusalem that God has chosen. She is being prepared as a bride for her husband.
The wanna be bride in the Middle east is going to be (and has been from God’s perspective) CAST OUT along with all her children which are against every man.
For she is HAGAR and her children are Ishmael….and it cannot be that they INHERIT anything!! Only through Sarah–GRACE–shall anyone Jew or Gentile inherit the promise.
So stop supporting what God has stopped supporting.
Stop helping to build what God is NOT BUILDING!
Stop helping those who hate the Son and do not want Him to reign over them.
Stop helping to bring them back to a land that shall see them slaughtered again…for their blood shall be on your hands.
If you want to help them….then pray and preach to them JESUS CHRIST THEIR MESSIAH.
Sons of God are ONLY those who believe in Jesus Christ. These are sons of promise, sons of faith, the true heirs to all  things.
But those who are of Hagar, and trust in their law keeping shall be cast out and sent away.

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