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God is love. God is relational. He loves all people and shows no favouritism to anyone.
God will save all mankind because all mankind are in need of a Savior!
God loves all the peoples of the world. At least the God I am starting to know does.
The God I heard of in the churches does not really love everyone.
If His love is not strong enough to save all people and stop people from choosing endless
torment…then it is not love at all.
It is not tough-love to allow people to choose an endless, forever and ever separation from all that is
good. When tough love is shown to an errant child or husband for instance it is so that the sinning
one comes to his senses and changes behaviour or attitudes.
The idea that is taught in churches that God allows us to choose our eternal destiny is so demeaning
to God.
If it is up to us as individuals to choose where we will spend heaven or hell…bliss or
torment….don’t you think that we would all choose bliss? But people by the millions do not make that
choice. Instead they die without faith in Jesus Christ.
The church tells us that they have chosen to reject God’s offer of heaven and have damned
themselves forever from His loving presence.
But think about it…does anyone choose to be born into this sin filled, crazy world? No.
Does anyone choose to be born into a Muslim or Bhuddist or Hindu family…where they will not hear
of the Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ? No.
Yet the Church teaches children by the millions that those who die without Christ have gone to a lost
I cannot fellowship with that message anymore. That is a false gospel which paints a picture of a false
Some say that God only chooses some (a few) to be Christians, the rest (most people) he chooses for
the endless fire.
They believe he is a loving God and a wrathful God…that His love is only enough to be shared with a
Such a god is really no better than Hitler in his twisted mind…who no doubt loved his own…but hated
multitudes of others. This is the god that many many churches preach. This is the god that sees
soldiers gladly maiming and killing children and women because hey…”God hates infidels doesn’t
I declare that I do not want anything to do with such a god.
You may prove to me with your favourite out of context verses that God is like that…but I will not
believe it!! Keep your religion of hate and deception to yourself!
If a parent has enough love (being evil), to stop his child from running off a cliff….I think God
almighty has enough love to save all his creation from choosing a lost eternity.
Of course I do no believe that the Lake of Fire is eternal anyway…but is the fierey dealings of God
through the administration of His law. God’s law is a fire that burns the flesh. When we obey the
Spirit of God the rebellious flesh is crucified with Christ…in this way it suffers torment.
The Greek does not say that the Lake of fire is eternal, but aionian. …For an age.
The punishment always fits the crime. Try finding any eternal punishment in the Law of Moses…you
will not find any.
The worst punishment is death.God is not set on destroying people forever…but in restoring people to Himself.
To do this, He sent His Son who took all our sin debt on Himself, and was put to death for our sins.
God was pleased with this satisfied His justice completely.
Now all people have been forgiven of all their trespasses. They need to believe in Christ Jesus.
It is God who grants repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.
Unless the Father draws you, you cannot come.
So we see that God has forgiven all and is drawing all ….but not all are dying having believed on
The answer is that in the resurrection, all will believe in Jesus.
When they awake at the sound of His voice calling them forth, as He did with Lazarus, they will
believe in Him then.
Some will then be made to pay their sin debt by serving as slaves to those whom they sinned against
in their lifetime.
The laws of redemption teach this principle.
Paul says all will be saved in 1 Cor 15. He says
“As in Adam all die…so also(the same all) all will be
made alive in Christ..BUT each in his own rank or order.”
God is choosing all men to be saved…but that does not happen at the same time for all men.
So do not fret when you see most people you know or love going on in their unbelief.
God has not given them eyes to see nor ears to hear until this day.
God is sovereign…not man’s puny will!
He will save all.

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