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It’s the blood of Christ that answers every accusation against us. It more than answers the accusatory voice…it smashes it into submission.
Every accusation of the Law that was contrary to us, that was against us, accusing us of failure in the sight of God has been quashed.
The Prosecutor cries foul…he this , he that!! He does not do this…he does not do a good job at this…he failed at that!!…
We sit in the Dock, accused of that which we know to be true about us. Our head is bowed, bitterness churns our stomach, thoughts of the gallows loom large in our defeated mind. The accuser is right as usual.
Our Jesus stands in the presence of God and pleads on our behalf. He jumps to our defence…
“Not relevant , your Honor!!”
On what grounds Defence Counsel…on what grounds?
The Blood My LORD…the BLOOD!! On that ground…that solid ground.
The Judge says to the Prosecution to retract his remarks based on what the DC has rightly said.
The Prosecutor on the other hand immediately shoots back….
“But the Guilty one before You is not trusting in the Blood of Jesus my Lord, he is trusting in himself to measure up against the Law. Therefore the guilt sticks, my charges remain against him. Guilty!! Guilty!!”
Satan thunders in the court, and all the demons applaud his performance.
The guilty one only sits there, bowed down and beaten….the weight of the truth crushing him even lower in his chair…suddenly the DC comes to his side.
He takes the face of the accused in his warm hands and eye balls him….make your decision now my child….what will you trust in? You know he is right, if you continue trusting in yourself, the guilt stays…if you begin to trust in my blood shed for you…then what?
The guilty sinner sits a little straighter in his chair. A glimmer of hope comes into his eyes…will he dare to speak of the blood, that holy blood? Will he trust in it’s ability to save, to wash, to cleanse?
The Judge notices what is happening below , He nods at the if to give him leave to speak…
Your Honor ..he dares….
I WANT TO DECLARE BEFORE YOU ALL….that everything he says about me is true… I am those things, have done those things and ommitted others….BUT!!!
I believe that the blood of Jesus Christ completely met every accusation against me…that because of that blood, I go free!!
The Prosecutor snarls, “Oh no you don’t…you are and will never be!!!”
The Defence Counsel stands by the accused….
Your Honor, the strengthened one says… I stand before this court accused by him today…but I should go free my Lord….because Jesus Christ my Advocate shed his life blood for me…it paid for all my sin Sir. It wiped out the handwriting that was written against me…I am forgiven, I am washed and I am clean before You.
The Judge smiles and says…CASE DISMISSED!!
You see Jesus knows He has made us righteous…but until we know it the accuser of the brethren will succeed in his job. Until we are thoroughly brought to an understanding, that it is only the Blood of Christ that sanctifies and justifies giving us peace with God, we will be brought low by the accuser.
The moment we speak of His Blood and what it has done for us personally, the Accuser withdraws a little. The more we live in the truth of being righteous by faith in the blood alone…the more his accusations disappear from our consciousness.
We are righteous by faith in Jesus Blood sacrifice made for us.
Michael Christ wrote this song below….
It’s Your blood that cleanses me
It’s Your blood that gives me life
It’s Your blood that took my place
In redeeming sacrifice
Washes me whiter than the snow, than the snow
My Jesus, God’s Precious sacrifice
It’s the blood of the Lamb
It’s the blood of the Lamb
It’s the blood of the Lamb
That can cleanse the deepest stain
Washes me whiter than the snow, than the snow
My Jesus, God’s Precious sacrifice
© 1985 Mercy Publishing

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